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Joakim Bjurström

by Roland Buresund last modified 2017-02-28 01:09

Joakim Bjurström is a well renowned Swedish Toyota KATA, Lean Production & TWI JI expert. Six Sigma and Change Management specialist. Joakim is well known throughout the Swedish Lean and TWI community. His work experience counts production, purchasing, product development and marketing. He holds a Lean Silver Certificate, Black Belt Six Sigma and, of course, both the TWI JI 10-hour class and 40 hour class.

Joakim Bjurström has a strong profile. His experience and dedication toward the TWI programs and his continuous strive to self-improvement is a true asset to his clients. His drive for improvement is not only for within himself, but he is always dedicated to ensuring that he helps his clients improve and fine-tune their training skills. "There is always room for improvement" is a personal saying of Joakim and is not an empty phrase. His extensive work across various industries makes him extremely adaptable and therefore he is faster to uncover the focus area, which is most in need for care, or which is best suited for a pilot project.

That said, whilst Joakim might always be on the look-out to improve, he does so with upmost patience to ensure that his clients receive a most thorough training. He is extremely cautious when it comes to improvements — he will never start or suggest something, which he is not completely sure of. Joakim is a thorough and systematic trainer

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