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MBA and the Alpha personality

by Roland Buresund posted at 2004-12-27 02:00 last modified 2019-01-23 22:13

It just hit me while I was reading the latest number of AMBA's magazine. The difference betwen a student of a BSc or MSc in Management/Finance/Economics/etc. and an MBA student is that the vast majority of the MBA students are Alpha Personality Types (goal-orientated, dedicated, confident, a tendency to want to participate and solve problems, rather than shy away from them, a take charge attitude) which can in fact be seen as nearly a pre-requisite for MBA studies.

It certainly doesn't mean that all MBA students are alike, as can be seen in the vast differing MBTI-types that takes the MBA, even though I believe that there are more Innovators than Adaptors (according to Kirton) that take the MBA. Heck, it doesn't even imply that all MBA students are nice, it only implies that most (not all) MBA graduates have had their already "driven" personality finely tuned to be even more focused on a number of concepts and experienced in fierce competition (at school).

I don't have any numbers, but it would be interesting to see if MBA students fails their exams more or less often than the "standard" MSc student, and if so, why or why not?

Any opinions anyone?

I heard that Post Un

Posted by Antwon at 2015-10-24 14:22

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