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CEO Logic

How to Think and Act Like a Chief Executive

C. Ray Johnson

Publisher: Career Press, 1998 , 285 pages

ISBN: 1-56414-351-1


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What It Takes to Think and Act Like a Chief Executive.

Go ahead — get inspired by all those books by celebrity CEOs. Then read CEO Logic and learn why what they've done works. You'll discover the habits of mind shared by all successful managers — the ability to think clearly, to perceive the fundamental management issues, that underlie even the most complex business decisions.

CEO Logic starts with the foundations of business sucess: the development of a business philosophy that works for you, and the strategic application of that philosophy in all areas of your endeavor. The book then examines each of the operating disciplines with sound advice on how to establish and grow a business.

CEO Logic includes:

  • Nine simple steps to strategy formulation
  • Abundant self assessment tools
  • A fool-proof loan proposal outline
  • Straight talk about business realities

If you can learn to think  and act like a chief executive, you can take your business — and yourself — to new heights. CEO Logic shows you how.

Table of Contents:

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    • Preface: The Foundations and Disciplines of Management
    • Introduction
  • Part 1: The Foundations
    • Chapter 1: Thinking Like a CEO
    • Chapter 2: Planning Strategy and Making Decisions
  • Part 2: Management Organizations and Execution: Disciplines
    • Chapter 3: Business Operations Plannning: Define the Risks Worth Taking
    • Chapter 4: People Management: Never Try to Teach a Pig to Think
    • Chapter 5: Career Management: Control Your Own Destiny
    • Chapter 6: Sales: Keep it Simple and Understand it Completely
    • Chapter 7: Numbers: Don't Be Fooled by the "Accounting"
  • Part 3: Cash, Crisis and Opportunity
    • Chapter 8: Banking: Master Their Rules
    • Chapter 9: Cash Management: Keep the Lifeblood Flowing
    • Chapter 10: Tough Times and Turnarounds: Match the Cure to the Illness
    • Chapter 11: Acquisitions: Don't Buy It If You Can't Improve It
  • Part 4: Character, Ethics, Communication and Wisdom
    • Chapter 12: Leadership: Nothing Mystical, Nothing Magical
    • Chapter 13: Secrets: Wit and Wisdom from the Trenches
    • Chapter 14: Final Thoughts: Simple Truths from Great Compelexities


CEO Logic

by Roland Buresund last modified 2009-11-01 00:17

Rating: **** (Mediocre)

Bad explanations, oversimplified, basic information. If you don't read it, I guarantee that you will not miss a thing, unless you're seriously inexperienced . Rubbish.

Where it seems to have its real roots are in talking about turn-arounds, where the authors seems to have some valid guidelines, but it doesn't live up to its title nor its synopsis.

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