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Cross-Cultural Business Behavior, 4th Ed.

Negotiating, Selling, Sourcing and Managing Across Cultures

Richard R. Gesteland

Publisher: Copenhagen Business School Press, 2005 , 351 pages

ISBN: 87-630-0149-7


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For almost a decade, "Cross-Cultural Business Behavior" has been praised by business people and by students as "an eminently useful guide to the global marketplace." Now readers of the fourth edition will find even more of that practical guidance for negotiating with customers and suppliers around the world. They will also find fresh new cases, additional negotiator profiles and comparisons of Nordic business cultures as well as detailed advice for adapting sales presentations to the culture of the customer.

Table of Contents:

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  • Part One
    1. Patterns of Cross-Cultural Business Behavior
    2. The "Great Divide" Between Business Cultures
    3. Deal First or Relationship First?
    4. Communicating Across the Great Divide
    5. Formal vs. Informal Business Cultures
    6. Time and Scheduling
    7. Nonverbal Business Behavior
    8. Global Business Protocol and Etiquette
    9. Culture, Corruption and Bribery
    10. Selling Across Cultures
  • Part Two: Forty Negotiator Profiles
    • Group A: Relationship-Focused — Formal — Polychronic — Reserved
      • The Indian Negotiator
      • The Bangladeshi Negotiator
      • Negotiating in Myanmar: The Burmese Negotiator
      • The Cambodian Negotiator
      • The Laotian Negotiator
      • The Vietnamese Negotiator
      • The Thai Negotiator
      • The Malaysian Negotiator
      • The Indonesian Negotiator
      • The Filipino Negotiator
    • Group B: Relationship-Focused — Formal — Monochronic — Reserved
      • The Japanese Negotiator
      • The Chinese Negotiator
      • The South Korean Negotiator
      • The Singaporean Negotiator
    • Group C: Relationship-Focused — Formal — Polychronic — Expressive
      • The Arab Negotiator
      • The Egyptian Negotiator
      • The Turkish Negotiator
      • The Greek Negotiator
      • The Brazilian Negotiator
      • The Mexican Negotiator
    • Group D: Relationship-Focused — Formal — Plychronic — Variably Expressive
      • The Russian Negotiator
      • The Polish Negotiator
      • The Romanian Negotiator
      • The Slovak Negotiator
    • Group E: Moderately Deal-Focused — Formal — Variably Monocronic — Emotionally Expressive
      • The French Negotiator
      • The Belgian Negotiator
      • The Italian Negotiator
      • The Spanish Negotiator
      • The Hungarian Negotiator
    • Group F: Moderately Deal-Focused — Formal — Variably Monocronic — Reserved
      • Negotiating Behavior in the Baltic States
    • Group G: Deal-Focused — Moderately Formal — Monocronic — Reserved
      • The British Negotiator
      • The Irish Negotiator (Eire: Republic of Ireland)
      • The Danish Negotiator
      • The Norwegian Negotiator
      • The Swedish Negotiator
      • The Finnish Negotiator
      • Comparing Nordic Business Cultures
      • The German Negotiator
      • The Dutch Negotiator
      • The Czech Negotiator
    • Group H: Deal-Focused — Informal — Monocronic — Variably Expressive
      • The Australian Negotiator
      • The Canadian Negotiator
      • The U.S. Negotiator


Cross-Cultural Business Behavior

by Roland Buresund last modified 2012-07-06 16:14

Rating: ******* (Good)

I've read a Swedish version of this book and didn't like it at all. Fortunately, it seems it was an abridged version of the first edition.

This, on the other hand is a very practical book, even though it is a bit short on theory. It is usable and interesting, which is more than you can say about a lot of other books.

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