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CultureShock! Czech Republic, 2nd Ed.

A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

Tim Nollen

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish, 2005 , 292 pages

ISBN: 1-55868-947-8


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CultureShock! Czech Republic allows readers to discover the rich history behind the country, from the Hapsburg era to the effect of Communism. Gain an insight into the local characteristics from the Czech love of nature to their musical inclination to their magical folklore. Be aware of social etiquette when dining in someone’s home or learn what to expect when attending a traditional wedding. Navigate your way around the complex Czech language, especially its 40-lettered alphabet and sometimes difficult pronunciation. Identify Prague’s ten districts and how and where to rent property. Discover what you should expect to pay for your new home, what your tenant rights are and what documents are required for obtaining a work and spousal visa. Peppered throughout with useful phrases, terms and resources, CultureShock! Czech Republic is a must-have for anyone planning on adapting to life in the Czech Republic.

Table of Contents:

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    • Foreword
    • Acknowledgements
    • Map of Czech Republic
  • Chapter 1: First Impressions
    • New Discoveries
    • A Shift in Identity?
  • Chapter 2: History, Politics, Economics and Religion
    • Who are the Czechs?
    • A Historical Background
    • Government
    • The Economy
    • Religion
    • Fallout from Communism
  • Chapter 3: Czech Characteristics
    • The Czech Identity
    • The Sum Of It All: Czech Pride
  • Chapter4: Socialising
    • Meeting and Being Met
    • Conversation
    • Czech Impression of Others
    • Social Organisation
    • Family and Life Cycle
    • Being Invited to Someone's Home
    • Inviting Czechs to Your Home
    • Dining Etiquette
    • Wedding Traditions
  • Chapter 5: Settling In
    • Housing
    • Prague by District
    • General Standards
    • Property Ownership
    • Utilities
    • Legal Documents for Living and Working
    • Schools
    • Pets
    • Money
    • Taxation
    • Insurance
    • Health
    • Crime and Security
    • Support Groups and Home Help
    • Information Sources
    • The Expatriate Community
    • Daily Necessities
    • Food Shopping
    • Household Furnishings
    • Gifts
    • Recycling
    • Transportation
    • Media
    • Postal Services
    • Telecommunications
    • Public Toilets
    • Laundry Services
  • Chapter 6: Eating and Drinking
    • The Daily Meals
    • The Order of the Meal
    • Snacks
    • Seasonal Specialities
    • Drinking
    • Eating and Drinking Out: Pubs and Restaurants
  • Chapter 7: Entertainment and Culture
    • The Arts in the Czech Lands
    • Concert Life
    • Other Cultural Spots
    • Films
    • Sports and Leisure
    • Cultural and Traditional Calendar Events
    • Prague Lore: Folk Tales and Semi-truths
    • Brief Travel Guide to the Czech Republic
  • Chapter 8: Communicating
    • Language
    • Learning Czech
    • The Czech Language
    • Conjugation of Verbs
    • Declensions of Nouns, Pronouns and Adjectives
    • Numbers
    • Formal and Informal Speech
    • The Beauty Of It
    • Slang and Swearing
    • Body Language
    • Standards of Appearance
  • Chapter 9: Doing Business
    • A Few Starters
    • Money
    • The Indirect Approach
    • Other Extremes
    • Getting the Job Done
    • Beating the System
    • Negotiating
    • Formal and Legal Matters
    • Business Functions
    • Business Formalities
  • Chapter 10: Fast Facts about Czech Republic
    • Culture Quiz
    • Do's and Don'ts
    • Glossary
    • Resource Guide
    • Further Reading
    • About the Author


CultureShock! Czech Republic

by Roland Buresund last modified 2015-12-13 23:48

Rating: ***** (OK)

An OK overview of the Czech psyche. Explains a lot that you can't understand from just observing the people. But as all such books, take care, there are always exceptions and Prague is not the only place in the republic.

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