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Enterprise One to One

Tools for Competing in the Interactive Age

Don Peppers, Martha Rogers

Publisher: Doubleday, 1997 , 436 pages

ISBN: 0-385-48755-X

Keywords: Marketing, CRM


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Enterprise One to One has taken its place alongside Don Peppers and Martha Roger's One to One Future as a marketing classic on how to sell more products to fewer customers through one-to-one marketing. In this brave new world, where microchip technology is making it possible for businesses to know their customers better than ever before, there is incredible opportunity to build unbreakable customer relationships. Peppers and Rogers explain the strategies needed to achieve killer competitive advantages in customer loyalty and unit margin. Among the things Enterprise One to One teaches are how to increase your share of each customer's business over time; how to protect and increase your unit margin; and how to make the transition to the Interactive Age with today's new technologies.

Enterprise One to One is the bible for successful marketing in today's competitive, high-tech world.

Table of Contents:

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  1. The Musical Condom
    The Basic Rules of Competition Rewritten for the Interactive Age
  2. Some Customers Are More Equal Than Others
    How to Identify and Capitalize on Customer Differences
  3. Mapping the Strategy
    How to Use Your Customer Base to Map Out Your 1:1 Strategy
  4. Infant Mortality at MCI
    How to Fix the "Leaky Bucket" of Customer Attrition — and How Not To
  5. Growing Your Customer Base
    How to Increase Your Share of Customer and Improve Your Bottom Line
  6. The Assymetrical Brassiere
    How to Profit from Mass Customization
  7. Smart Retards
    How to Keep Your Customers Forever, and Increase Your Margins Too
  8. Expanding the "Need Set"
    How to Customize, Even if You're Selling a Commodity
  9. Community Knowledge
    How to Anticipate What Your Customer Wants
  10. Surfing the Feedback Loop
    How to Get More Customer Feedback While Protecting Privacy
  11. The Medium Is the Matchmaker
    How to Own the Customer in a Changing Media Landscape
  12. The Busy Shoe Salesman
    How to Remove Distribution Barriers Between You and the Customer
  13. Making IT
    How to Get There from Here
  14. An Open Letter to the CEO


Enterprise One to One

by Roland Buresund last modified 2010-02-01 02:06

Rating: ****** (Decent)

Yet another Peppers and Rogers book. You have to admit that they are good authors that manage to convey meaning to the readers, even if they sometimes are a bit skimpy on detail.

Recommended reading anyway, as it gets you to think.

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