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Fast Track to Success: Project Management

Everything You Need to Accelerate Your Career

Patrick Harper-Smith, Simon Derry

Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2009 , 217 pages

ISBN: 978-0-273-71992-2

Keywords: Project Management


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Projects are there to deliver measurable benefits and value to an organisation. Delivering on time and on budget is important, but to be an effective project manager you need to focus on the business need rather than the process of getting there. Fast Track to Success: Project Management shows you how to integrate core best-practice tools with broader business needs. It will teach you the key skills you need to excel in project management and accelerate your career development. It includes:

  • Project management in a nutshell — a series of FAQs to give you a concise overview of the subject
  • The top 10 tools and techniques to develop your approach to project management
  • Advice on leading your team — how to decide your leadership style and build your team
  • Simple checklists to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your capabilities and those of your team
  • Tips on how to progress your career, whether it's your first 10 weeks in the job or whether you're looking to get right to the top

Table of Contents:

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    • The Fast Track way
    • About the authors
    • A word of thanks from the authors
    • Project Management Fast Track
    • How to use this book
  1. Awareness
    1. Project management in a nutshell
    2. Project management audit
  2. Business Fasttrack
    1. Fast Track top ten
    2. Technologies
    3. Implementing change
  3. Career Fasttrack
    1. The first ten weeks
    2. Leading the team
    3. Getting to the top
  4. Director's Toolkit
    • T1 Team project management audit
    • T2 Planning techniques
    • T3 Critical path analysis
    • T4 Risk management


Fast Track to Success: Project Management

by Roland Buresund last modified 2010-05-31 12:43

Rating: ****** (Decent)

A fairly good introduction or overview of Project Management. The authors manages to address nearly all points of interest from a project managers viewpoint. What is not addressed, is some small stuff like quality and retention of knowledge after a project, and how to handle end-of-project or "lessons learned".

But it gives a good overview with some practical tips (albeit a bit shallow) and seems to love 2x2 diagrams.

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