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Hiring the Best, 4th Ed.

A Manager's Guide to Effective Interviewing

Martin Yate

Publisher: Bob Adams, 1994 , 230 pages

ISBN: 1-55850-282-3

Keywords: Human Resources


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How many managers have stalled their own careers by hiring the wrong person? Too many.

The most common mistake is believing that if a person can do the job, the person is a good hire. Actually, there are three broad areas that must ne probed thoroughly to make the best decision.

  • Is the candidate able to do the job?
  • Is the candidate willing to do the job?
  • And is the candidate going to be manageable?

In Hiring the Best, over 400 questions thoroughly probe thse areas and give you the necessary material for the perfect choice. The updated fourth edition of this proven management tool also features an extensive review of the pros and cons of hiring temporary workers, part-time employees, consultants and independent contractors.

Table of Contents:

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  • One: You, Your Staff, Your Career
  • Two: Understanding Your Needs
  • Three: Recruitment in the '90s
  • Four: The Cracks in the Resume
  • Five: From Phoner to Short List
  • Six: The Art and Science of Interviewing
  • Seven: Ability
  • Eight: Willingness
  • Nine: Manageability
  • Ten: Backstage Passes
  • Eleven: The Management Hire
  • Twelve: The Sales Hire
  • Thriteen: People Futures
  • Fourteen: The Clerical Hire
  • Fifteen: Interviewing Within The Law
  • Sixteen: The Contingent Workforce
  • Seventeen: Increased Productivity and Commitment with the Americans with Diabilities Act
  • Eighteen: Hire Consciousness
  • Nineteen: Hiring the Best
  • Special Note on Drug Testing
  • Interview Skeletons


Hiring the Best

by Roland Buresund last modified 2011-02-23 14:28

Rating: ****** (Decent)

A general book about how to question primarily managers, when interviewing them.

Takes a relaxed attitude and gets the reader to think instead of resorting to too concrete advice. Unfortunately, the second half of the book is about US laws and regulations and how to keep within them, which makes the first half of the book good and the second half useless (if you're an European like me).

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