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Managing the Dynamics of Strategic Maneuvering

Richard A. D'Aveni, Robert E. Gunther

Publisher: Free Press, 1994

ISBN: 0-02-906938-6

Keywords: Strategy


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Table of Contents:

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  • Part I: Hypercompetition and Escalation toward Perfect Competition in Four Arenas of Competition
    1. How Firms Outmaneuver Competitors with Cost-Quality Advantages
    2. How Firms Outmaneuver Competitors with Timing and Know-How Advantages
    3. How Firms Outmaneuver Competitors that Have Built Strongholds Using Entry Barriers
    4. How Firms Outmaneuver Competitors with Deep Pockets
    5. New Analytical Tools: Analyzing Competition Using the Four Arenas
  • Part II: Implications of Unsustainable Advantage: New Concepts of Competition and Competitive Strategy
    1. The Nature of Hypercompetition: What It Is and Why It Happens
    2. Living with Hypercompetition: The New 7-S's
  • Part III: Disrupting Markets and Seizing the Initiative through the New 7-S's
    1. Using the New 7-S's to Create Disruption
    2. Applying the New /-S's: New Analytical Tools to Seize the Initiative
  • Part IV: The Rise of a New American Ideology: Hypercompetitive Values for a Hypercompetitive Age
    1. Can Companies Cooperate Their Way out of Hypercompetition?
    2. Conclusion: A Call to Arms
  • Appendix: Antitrust Policy and the Need for a Fundamental Shift in American Ideology



by Roland Buresund last modified 2011-06-11 14:40

Rating: ********* (Outstanding)

First clear definition of modern competition.

D'Aveni manages to convey and explain the current competitive environment. Why nobody has defined it so easily before, I don't understand (everything is simple after you've had it explained to you).

The great thing about D'Aveni, is that he in principle challenges the Porter's and Ansoff's of this world, and explains that competition today is intense, not very well-ordered and competitive advantages is fleeting and has to be constantly renewed. In short, this is the first book in Strategy that I've read and immediately felt at home with. You can't loose, buy it, read it and contemplate it. If you don't agree with its main theme, you're probably of a dying breed of managers, otherwise you need this book to make sense of the competitive landscape of today.

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