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A Crash Course On Creativity

Tina Seelig

Publisher: HarperCollins, 2012 , 216 pages

ISBN: 978-0-06-202071-0

Keywords: Creativity


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International bestselling author and award-winning Stanford University educator Tina Seelig has taught creativity to the best and the brightest students at Stanford and to business leaders around the world. With inGenius she expertly decodes creativity, revealing an approach that everyone can use to enhance their own creative genius.

Whether we are attempting to generate fresh ideas or struggling with problems that have no solution in sight, Seelig offers a revolutionary new model, the Innovation Engine, which explains how creativity is generated on the inside and how it is influenced by the outside world. Describing the variables that work together to catalyze or inhibit our creative abilities, Seelig provides a set of tools we can use right away to radically enhance our own ingenuity as well as that of our colleagues, organizations, and communities.

Seelig's groundbreaking work reveals that creativity is an endless renewable resource we can tap into at any time. It is as natural as breathing and just as necessary for leading a successful and fulfilling life.

Table of Contents:

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  • Introduction: Ideas Aren't Cheap — They're Free
  • One: Spark a Revolution
  • Two: Bring in the Bees
  • Three: Build, Build, Build, Jump!
  • Four: Are You Paying Attention?
  • Five: The Table Kingdom
  • Six: Think of Coconuts
  • Seven: Move the Cat Food
  • Eight: Marshmallo on Top
  • Nine: Move Fast — Break Things
  • Ten: If Anything Can Go Wrong, Fix It!
  • Eleven: Inside Out and Outside In



by Roland Buresund last modified 2015-08-03 02:54

Rating: *** (Disappointing)

Same drivel like any other book on how to be creative (i.e. think outside the box!) and as usual without any real validating data. It is fascinating that so many people write on how to be creative, but fail to create any creative writing or new ideas whatsoever

With that said, it is written in an entertaining style, but don't expect to learn anything new or get any revelations from it. You can safely skip this book.

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