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Please Understand Me, 5th Ed.

Character and Temperament Types

David W. Keirsey, Marilyn Bates

Publisher: Prometheus, 1984 , 209 pages

ISBN: 0-9606954-0-0


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Search for your style.

Begin by completing the questionnaire on page five. Then read a picture of your way (p. 167-206). You may even enjoy talking with spouse and offspring and friend of your differences.

The authors are trainers of therapists and diagnosticians of dysfunctional behavior at California State University (Fullerton Campus). Impatient with the maturity theories of Freud, Maslow, Erickson, Sheehey, Levinson, and others, they insist that not everybody goes through the same phases of growth to maturity. "You may have an identity crisis or two, but I won't, haven't, and can't. And it's not because I'm fixated, arrested, or hung up at some immature stage, passage, or season of my life. I hear different drummers."

Professor Keirsey is a long time clinical psychologist of the gestalt-field-system school. After 30 years of treating hundreds of teaching, parenting, marriage, and management problems, Dr. Keirsey now challenges the reader to "ABANDON THE PYGMALION PROJECT," that endless and fruitless attempt to change the Other into a carbon copy of Oneself. "It's OK," he says, "to marry your opposite and beget children who are far from being chips off the old block, but it is not OK t take marriage and parentage as license to SCULPT spouse and child using yourself as a pattern to copy. PUT DOWN YOUR CHISEL. LET BE. APPRECIATE.

Table of Contents:

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  1. Different Drums and Different Drummers
  2. The Four Temperaments
  3. Mating and Temperament
  4. Temperament in Children
  5. Temperament in Leading
  • Appendix: The Sixteen Types
    • ENFJ
    • INFJ
    • ENFP
    • INFP
    • ENTJ
    • INTJ
    • ENTP
    • INTP
    • ESTJ
    • ISTJ
    • ESFJ
    • ISFJ
    • ESTP
    • ESFP
    • ISTP
    • ISFP


Please Understand Me

by Roland Buresund last modified 2011-02-19 19:03

Rating: ****** (Decent)

The classical and first readable text about MBTI. Definetely worth reading if you're into Type Theory.

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