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Strategic Staffing

A Practical Toolkit for Workforce Planning

Thomas P. Bechet

Publisher: Amacom, 2002 , 337 pages

ISBN: 0-8144-0728-5

Keywords: Human Resources


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Any business strategy that fails to identify and address staffing implications is a strategy that cannot be implemented. In this comprehensive book and CD-ROM package, you'll get everything you need to develop strategies for eliminating staffing gaps and surpluses and making sure your organization has teh people it needs, when it needs them.

This innovative book is packed with examples, case studies, and step-by-step instructions for implementing a workforce planning process. The text and accompanying CD-ROM include such tools as:

  • PowerPoint slide presentations
  • Customizable Excel spreadsheets
  • Assessment and evaluation forms
  • Calculations and analyses
  • Sample staffing plans, and much more

Whether you're assessing the staffing system your organization already has in place or designing a new one from the ground up, Strategic Staffing gives you the resources to develop, implement, and support a viable, results-oriented process and ensure that your organization is staffed and ready to meet any challenges that arises.

Table of Contents:

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  • Preface
  • Section 1: Setting the Context
    1. An overview of This Book
    2. What Is Strategic Staffing, Anyway?
    3. Developing Staffing Strategies That Really Work
  • Section 2: Developing the Strategic Staffing Process
    1. The Strategic Staffing Process
    2. Defining Required Staffing Levels
    3. Defining Staffing Requirements Where Plans Are Uncertain
    4. A Staffing Model Example
    5. Effective Strategic Staffing: Case Studies and Examples
  • Section 3: Implementing and Supporting Your Strategic Staffing process
    1. Implementing Your Process Effectively
    2. Placing Strategic Staffing Within Your Business Context
    3. Assessing Your Current Strategic Staffing Process
    4. Involving Managers in the Strategic Staffing Process
    5. Developing a Strategic Staffing Web Site
  • Section 4: Beyond Staffing Plans: Analyzing and Applying the Results
    1. Measuring Staffing Effectiveness and Efficiency
    2. Calculating Staffing Costs and Evaluating Staffing Options
    3. Defining Staffing Reductions in a Strategic Context
  • Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Appendix B: Using the Strategic Staffing Templates from the CD-ROM
  • Appendix C: Using the Suggested Overheads
  • Glossary


Strategic Staffing

by Roland Buresund last modified 2011-02-23 17:31

Rating: ***** (OK)

This is supposed to make staffing practical and strategical, but it fails, as it is very short on details (which in the authors opinion makes it strategical) and doesn't really provide the practical toolkit the back-cover promises.

It is OK as an introductionary text to HR, but it is a close call.

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