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Strategize!, 4th Ed.

Experiental Excerises in Strategic Management, International Edition

C. Gopinath, Julie Siciliano

Publisher: Cengage Learning, 2014 , 202 pages

ISBN: 978-1-133-95328-9

Keywords: Strategy


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STRATEGIZE! is a perfect complement to any standard strategic management text. STRATEGIZE! allows learners to try out the strategy models and concepts and get feedback regarding their understanding and application of strategic management theory. The book presents a number of experiential exercises and projects for use in and out of class. Because the exercises include thought, action, and feedback-assessment components, they promote an understanding of strategic management through comprehensive active learning. All exercises and scenarios have been thoroughly updated to provide accurate and relevant information that ensure consistency with changing strategic management concepts.

Table of Contents:

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  • Part I: Understanding Strategic Management
    • Strategy Session 1: Decision Making at the Strategic and Operational Level.
      • Exercise: Innkeepers of America.
    • Strategy Session 2: Understanding the Concept of Strategy.
      • Exercise: How Do You Define Strategy?
    • Strategy Session 3: Communicating Purpose Through Mission Statements.
      • Exercise 1: How Well Do These Organizations Communicate Their Purpose?
      • Exercise 2: Video—Create a Mission Statement for Caribou Coffee.
      • Exercise 3: Video—Create a Mission Statement for Fossil, Inc.
    • Strategy Session 4: The Board's Role in Corporate Governance.
      • Exercise: Translating the Board's Role into Guidelines for Practice.
    • Strategy Session 5: Viewing Strategy from the Stakeholder Perspective.
      • Exercise: 1: The E-Cigarettes Case
      • Exercise 2: Role Playing Global Chemical Stakeholders' Interests and Power.
  • Part II: Designing Strategy
    • Strategy Session 6: Forces Affecting Competitive Strategy.
      • Exercise: Intensity of Competition in the Casino Gambling Industry.
    • Strategy Session 7: Generating a Plan of Action: TOWS (SWOT) Analysis.
      • Exercise 1: An Action Plan for Robin Hood.
      • Exercise 2: Video—Life is Good, Inc.—Future Strategy.
    • Strategy Session 8: Developing Generic Strategy.
      • Exercise 1: Choosing How to Compete in the Lodging Industry
      • Exercise 2: Video—The Generic Strategy of JetBlue Airways Corporation
    • Strategy Session 9: Build Competitive Advantage.
      • Exercise: Build Your Intended Strategy.
    • Strategy Session 10: Viewing Corporate Strategy from the Core Competencies Perspective.
      • Exercise: Corporate Strategy at Honda.
    • Strategy Session 11: Global Strategic Alliances.
      • Exercise: Shanghai General Motors: Renewing the GM—SAIC Alliance.
    • Strategy Session 12: Identifying Transnational Strategies.
      • Exercise: Global Operations of Bata Shoe and Nike.
    • Strategy Session 13: Understanding Turnaround Management.
      • Exercise: The Decline–Turnaround Sequence.
    • Strategy Session 14: Scenario Planning: Innovative Approaches for the Future.
      • Exercise: Develop Some Scenarios.
  • Part III: Implementing Strategy
    • Strategy Session 15: Succeeding in Strategy Formulation and Implementation.
      • Exercise: Diagnosing the Netflix Problem.
    • Strategy Session 16: Structuring to Support Strategy.
      • Exercise: Designing Organizational Structures for Club Ed.
    • Strategy Session 17: Strategy Implementation Using the 7-S Model.
      • Exercise: Transition at Apple Inc.
    • Strategy Session 18: Corporate Sustainability.
      • Exercise: Video—Stonyfield Farm: Corporate Sustainability.
    • Strategy Session 19: Monitoring Strategy Implementation Through the Balanced Scorecard.
      • Exercise: Everyone Knows the Score When a Major League Baseball Team Ties Performance to Its Mission.
  • Part IV: Industry Analysis
    • Lodging: Industry Profile.
    • Template: For Industry Survey.
    • Assessing Strategic Performance Through Financial Analysis.
    • Case Study 1: Parthasarathy Airline.
    • Case Study 2: Caffeine Satisfaction: Rivalry Among the Coffee Shops.
    • The E-Strategy Case: Closing the Gap between Strategy Formulation and Strategy Implementation.
  • Part V: Semester Projects
    • Team Projects
      • Project A: Comparing Two Organizations in the Same Industry.
      • Project B: Identifying Strategic Issues at Local Business Organizations.
    • MICA: Method of Case Analysis and Discussion.
    • References and Sources.



by Roland Buresund last modified 2016-03-17 19:33

Rating: ******** (Very good)

If you need some case studies to study in Strategy, either as a tutor or as a student, this is the book for you. Very well written, and nicely presented. If it wasn't for the references to some Videos, which you don't get access to, I would have rated this one even higher. But it isn't cheap, sadly enough, so it is only for the enthusiasts.

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