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The 16 Sixteen Personality Types

Descriptions for Self-Discovery

Linda V. Berens, Dario Nardi

Publisher: Telos, 1999 , 52 pages

ISBN: 0-9664624-7-5


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Like trees in a forest, we are ever changing … yet staying the same … weathering the seasons of life. Coming to understand who we are is like looking into a lake. Sometimes the lake is so clear the reflection is nearly perfect, and we can't tell what is "real" and what is refelected. Other times, as in life, the lake is choppy. We only see a resemblance of ourselves, or we recognize nothing at all.

Self-reflection can help us know ourselves, but may lead us in circles. Likewise, personality tests aren't always accurate. They are, like the choppy lake, subject to the winds of change, often reflecting our basic pattern but sometimes misleading us. Friends, family, and co-workers can give us valuable feedback but see us through their own lenses — sometimes, only giving us clues. Only by integrating all of these methods can we find our best-fit personality type pattern.

The Sixteen Personality Types, Descriptions for Self-Discovery encourages you in a self-discovery process using multiple forms of feedback. This process of uncovering and revealing requires your active participation. This book is designed to help you actively participate in your own self-discovery process. Accurate identification of our best-fit personality type pattern is the first step in mastering ourselves. Without it, we can delude ourselves. With it, we can find true insight, wisdom.

Table of Contents:

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  • What Is personality
    • Personality has Several Aspects
  • Understanding Personality
    • What Is Personality
      • What is Personality "Type"
      • Knowing the "Self"
    • Ways to Describe Personality
      • Traits and Parts
      • Processes and Parts
      • Systems
    • How to Discover your Best-Fit Type
      • What Is Best-For Type"?
      • Personality Instruments
      • The Self-Discoery Produce%trade;
      • Descriptions for Self-Discovery
    • The Sixteen Personality Type Descriptions
      • Expeditor Promotor [ESTP]
      • Analyzer Operator [ISTP]
      • Motivator Presenter [ESFP]
      • Composer Producer [ISFP]
      • Implementor Supervisor [ESTJ]
      • Planner Inspector [ISTJ]
      • Facilitator Caretaker [ESFJ]
      • Protector Supporter [ISFJ]
      • Strategist Moblizer [ENTJ]
      • Conceptualizer Director [INTJ]
      • Explorer Inventor [ENTP]
      • Designer Theorizer [INTP]
      • Envisioner Mentor [ENFJ]
      • Foreseer Developer [INFJ]
      • Discoberer Advocate [ENFP]
      • Harmonizer Clarifier [INFP]
    • Understanding Yourself
    • Relating to Others
    • Now What?
    • Appendix A: Essential Qualities of the Patterns
    • Appendix B: Notes for the Facilitator
    • Appendix C: References


The 16 Sixteen Personality Types

by Roland Buresund last modified 2011-02-19 22:50

Rating: ****** (Decent)

Very good descriptions of the MBTI types. Unfortunately, they want the reader to analyse what type they are based on the descriptions, which is an approach I don't believe in.

You may buy the book for the descriptions, though, they really are very good.

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