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The Multinational Mission

Balancing Local Demands and Global Vision

C. K. Prahalad, Yves L. Doz

Publisher: Free Press, 1987 , 290 pages

ISBN: 0-684-87132-7


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Competitive advantage is the end result of a series of actions, all of which are influenced by the decision-making process. Top management's work, therefore, is to ensure that the quality of the decision-making process is both carefully monitored and improved. Top managers must focus their energies and attention on issues like the following: How do middle- and upper-level managers within the organization perceive and analyze the economic, technological, and political forces that shape the business we are involved in? How do I improve the strategic capability of my organization — its ability to conceive and execute a wide variety of strategies? In a nutshell, this book's basic thesis is that strategy is concerned with action and top management is concerned with managing the processes by which action, or the commitment of resources, is taken in the organization.

Table of Contents:

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    1. Introduction
  • Part I: Analysis for Strategic Development
    1. Mapping the Characteristics of a Business
    2. The Dynamics of Global Competition
    3. Responding to Host Government Policies
    4. The Impact of Organized Labor
    5. Evaluating Interdependencies Across Businesses
    6. Building the Corporate Portfolio of Businesses
  • Part II: Management Responsibilities and Techniques
    1. Control, Change, and Flexibility
    2. Tools for Strategic Control, Flexibility, and Change
    3. Impediments to Change
    4. Managing Interdependencies Across Businesses
    5. Creating Strategic Capability: Toward an "Ideal DMNC Organization"


The Multinational Mission

by Roland Buresund last modified 2007-12-01 18:25

Rating: ****** (Decent)

A classical text you need to read, but it is very boring.

The absolutely worst part, is that it is very relevant and the base a lot of other authors has based their work on.

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