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The Seven Cs of Consulting

Your Complete Blueprint for any Consultancy Assignment

Mick Cope

Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2000 , 240 pages

ISBN: 0-273-64511-0

Keywords: Consulting


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The consultancy business is booming. For any consultant aiming to survive and grow in this complex world, they need to have a clear and concise change model to hand, one that can guarantee delivery of a wide range of change projects.

Based around the author's 7Cs model (Client, Clarify, Create, Change, Confirm, Continue, Close). The Seven Cs of Consulting offers both buding and experienced consultants a solid and robust framework to enhance their ability to manage any consultancy assignment — from nderstanding the client's needs, through to successful assignment completion and developing new business out of that success. With the help of the crib notes on the pull-out back pocket guide, the 7Cs model will show you how to improve your professionalism, and deliver clear and demonstrable results to clients, bringing them back for more.

Table of Contents:

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  • Part 1: Introduction
    1. The framework background
    2. Navigating the waters
    3. Consulting environment
  • Part 2: The Seven Cs process
    1. Defining the Seven Cs
      • Timing
      • Sequence
    2. An effective client relationship in five steps
      • Step one: Stool
      • Step two: Trust index
      • Step three: Engage
      • Step four: Push/Pull
      • Step five: Shadow diamond
  • Part 3: The Seven Cs toolkit
    1. Stage one: Client
      • Orientation
      • Desired outcome
      • Change ladder
      • Situation viability
      • Decision makers
      • Ethos
      • Contract
    2. Stage two: Clarify
      • Diagnosis
      • Shadow
      • Culture
      • System construction
      • Stakeholders
      • Life-cycle risk
      • Feedback
    3. Stage three: Create
      • Managed creativity
      • Creative blockage
      • Scanning
      • Storyboard
      • Resources
      • Stream owners
      • Positics
    4. Stage four: Change
      • Methodology
      • Energy
      • Engage
      • Entry
      • System dynamics
      • Uncertainty
      • Resistance
    5. Stage five: Confirm
      • Responsible
      • Timing
      • Design
      • Depth
      • Data map
      • Consulting performance
      • Costs
    6. Stage six: Continue
      • Sustainability
      • Language
      • Gravity
      • Flow
      • Knowledge transfer
      • Knowledge management
      • Diffusion channels
    7. Stage seven: Close
      • Client's view
      • Outcome review
      • Learning
      • Added value
      • Build
      • Re-engage
      • Exit
  • Part 4: Seven Cs in action
    1. The reality
      • 3M mapping
      • Skills
      • Client understanding
      • Client meetings
    • Appendix: Model deconstruction


The Seven Cs of Consulting

by Roland Buresund last modified 2007-08-07 19:17

Rating: ********** (Excellent)

One of the best book about the profession that have been written. Full of practical tips and probing questions.

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