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The Witch Doctors

What the Management Gurus are Saying, Why It Matters and How to Make Sense of It

John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge

Publisher: Mandarin, 1997 , 408 pages

ISBN: 0-7493-2670-0

Keywords: Consulting


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In the first critical assessment of the management gurus, The Witch Doctors dissect the management-theory phenomen.

  • What are the ideas that could help your company?
  • All you ever really need to learn from Tom Peters, Peter Drucker and Charles Handy
  • Why management theory has produced the contradictory corporation
  • The management theory industry
  • How to manage knowledge
  • The charms of globalisation?
  • Can management be applied to the public sector?
  • What can we still learn from Japan ― and from the emerging Asian economies?
  • Can management theory really help your business?

Table of Contents:

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    • Introduction: The World of the Witch Doctors
  • Part One; How It Works
    1. The Fad in Progress: Re-engineering
    2. The Management Theory Industry
  • Part Two: Prophet and Evangelist
    1. Peter Drucker: The Guru's Guru
    2. Tom Peters: Management as Performance Art
  • Part Three: The Great Debates
    1. Rethinking the Company
    2. Knowledge, Learning and Innovation
    3. Strategy: From Planning to Vision
    4. Storm in the Boardroom
    5. The Future of Work
  • Part Four: The World in Their Hands
    1. What does Globalisation Mean?
    2. The Art of Japanese Management
    3. A New Model in Asia?
  • Part Five: New Frontiers
    1. Managing Leviathan: The Public Sector
    2. A Walk on the Wild Side
    • Conclusion: An Immature Discipline


The Witch Doctors

by Roland Buresund last modified 2007-08-07 17:18

Rating: ********* (Outstanding)

If you want a very thorough and from time to time funny overview of management theory and strategy, this is the book for you. A top ten book for everybody.

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