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The Art of Project Management

Scott Berkun

Publisher: O'Reilly, 2005 , 374 pages

ISBN: 0-596-00786-8

Keywords: Project Management


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In The Art of Project Management, you'll learn how to plan, manage and lead projects from a veteran manager of software and web development. This personal account of hard lessons learned over a decade of work in the industry distills complex concepts and challenges into practical nuggets of useful advice. Inspiring, funny, honest, and compelling, this is the book you and your team need to have within arms reach for your current and future projects.

Table of Contents:

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  • Preface
    1. A brief history of project management (and why you should care)
  • Part One: Plans
    1. The truth about schedules
    2. How to figure out what to do
    3. Writing the good vision
    4. Where ideas come from
    5. What to do with ideas once you have them
  • Part Two: Skills
    1. Writing good specifications
    2. How to make good decisions
    3. Communication and relationships
    4. How not to annoy people: process, email, and meetings
    5. What to do when things go wrong
  • Part Three: Management
    1. Why leadership is based on trust
    2. How to make things happen
    3. Middle-game strategy
    4. End-game strategy
    5. Power and politics


The Art of Project Management

by Roland Buresund last modified 2007-09-07 18:11

Rating: ********** (Excellent)

A brilliant book about the real life of project management. You won't learn different models, risk management, requirements interventions, MS Project et al, but you will learn what being a PM is all about.

Highly recommended.

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