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The Little Red Book of Selling

12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

Jeffrey Gitomer

Publisher: Bard Press, 2014 , 219 pages

ISBN: 978-1-885167-60-6

Keywords: Sales


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What you'll discover in this book  are the differences, or should I say the little RED differences, between you and every other salesperson in the world.

The Little RED Book of Selling is designed to carry with you as a book of understanding, a book of knowledge, a book of wisdom, and a book of passion that you turn into your bank book.

Table of Contents:

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  • Understanding Red Sales...
    • People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy
    • Why they buy. An answer every salesperson needs.
    • Selling in the Red Zone
    • How to use the principles of this book to succeed
    • Why is this book RED?
    • What's the difference between failure and success?
    • What's your biggest fear? Speaking, rejection, or failing?
  • The 12.5 Red Principles of Sales Greatness:
    • 1. Kick Your Own Ass.
    • 2. Prepare to win, or lose to someone who is.
    • 3. Personal branding IS sales: It's not who you know, it's who knows you.
    • 4. It's all about value, it's all about relationship, it's not all about price.
    • 5. It's' NOT workk, it's NETwork.
    • 6. If you can't get in front of the real decision maker, you suck.
    • 7. Engage me and you can make me convince myself.
    • 8. If you can't get in front of the real decision maker, you suck.
    • 9. Use CREATIVITY to differentiate and dominate.
    • 10. Reduce their risk and you'll convert selling to buying.
    • 11. When you say it about yourself it's bragging. When someone else says it about you its proof.
    • 12. Antennas up!
    • 12.5 Resign your position as general manager of the universe.
  • More RED SALES Thinking: Strategies at the end to help you win at the beginning
    • The Little Salesman That Could
    • The Two Most Important Words in Selling
    • 12.5 Principles of Life-Long Learning
    • Implement the Rule of the More, the More
    • What Does It Take to Be Number One? And Stay There?
    • This Book Has No Ending


The Little Red Book of Selling

by Roland Buresund last modified 2016-03-21 02:04

Rating: ** (Bad)

Utter crap. This is what makes Sales books having a bad reputation. So American (and not in a positive way) that you can throw up.

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