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This is Service Design Thinking

Basics - Tools - Cases

Marc Stickdorn, Jakob Schneider

Publisher: Wiley, 2011 , 373 pages

ISBN: 978-1-118-15630-8


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The boundaries between products and services are blurring, and it is time for a different way of thinking: service design thinking. Service design is an exciting, emerging field that has attracted the attention of service providers, marketers, consultants and designers around the world.

This award-winning book describes an interdisciplinary approach to designing services. It was developed using exactly the same co-creative and user-centered approaches you will read about inside. Highlights include:

  • A service design process
  • Twenty-five service design tools
  • Summaries of the disciplines involved in service design
  • Case studies

Table of Contents:

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  • Introduction
    • Preface
    • The Design beyond the Design
    • Crowdsourcing Map
    • How to use this book
  • What is Service Design?
    • Defintions: Service Design as an inter-disciplinary approach
    • 5 Principles of Service Design Thinking: A dynamic language for a dynamic approach
    • Marketing: Connecting with people, creating value
  • Who are these Service Designers?
    • Fields of Service Design
    • Product Design: Developing products with service applications
    • Graphic Design: Providing visual explanation
    • Interaction Design: Services as a series of interactions
    • Social Design: Delivering positive social impact
    • Strategic Management: Why corporations do what they do
    • Operations Management: The relentless quest for efficiency
    • Design Ethnography: Taking inspiration from everyday life
  • How does Service Design work?
    • Tools of Service Design Thinking
    • It is an iterative process
    • AT–ONE: Becoming AT–ONE with Your Customers
  • What are the tools of Service Design?
    • This is a Toolbox — not a Manual
    • Stakeholder Maps
    • Service Safaris
    • Shadowing
    • Customer Journey Maps
    • Contextual Interviews
    • The Five Whys
    • Cultural Probe
    • Mobile Ethnography
    • A Day in the Life
    • Expectation Maps
    • Personas
    • Idea Generation
    • What if…
    • Design Scenarios
    • Storyboards
    • Desktop Walkthrough
    • Service Prototypes
    • Service Staging
    • Agile Development
    • Co-Creation
    • Storytelling
    • Service Blueprints
    • Service Roleplay
    • Customer Lifecycle Maps
    • Business Model Canvas
  • Applied Service Design
    • Service Design Thinking in Practice
    • NL Agency and DesignThinkers: Service Design for a governmental organisation
    • Mypolice and Snook: Service Design for a public organisation
    • Hello Change and Funky Projects: Service Design for an application process
    • UPMC and Carnegie Mellon University: Service Design for a hospital
    • SEB and Transformator: Service Design for a bank
  • Deep Service Design thinking
    • Deep Service Design Thinking
    • Integrating Service Design Thinking and Motivational Psychology
    • Service Design Research: Yesterday, today and tomorrow
    • Service Design and Biophilia


This is Service Design Thinking

by Roland Buresund last modified 2014-01-21 14:00

Rating: *** (Disappointing)

Sigh, a shallow rehash of some creative thinking ideas, mixed with some product management. Nothing new to see, and definitely nothing to be learned, just a try to make money of a new concept "Service Design", which in itself is nothing new (replace Service with Product and you'll find the same stuff elsewhere).

Sadly, nothing to recommend here.

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