Welcome to the Buresund Pages

Where the Buresund family tell the world its opinions, regardless of if the world wants to hear them…

This is where the Buresund family and friends expresses their opinions, regardless if the world wants to hear it or not! These are the personal pages of the Buresund family and their friends. For now, the topics are the topics that Roland Buresund care about, but more stuff will show up in time from Riitta and David, and from others, as they see fit.

We don't expect Inger Buresund (a theater-director in Norway) or Raili (a politician and retired schoolteacher in Stockholm) nor Wenche (Dørum, living in Norway) to contribute anything, but you never know. Maybe Line (Holterman Juge) in France or Øivind (Holterman) in Copenhagen decides to put something in?

And yes, these pages have nothing whatsoever to do with the Buresund Foundation (Anny og Nils Buresund legat), the Alles Vel or Adas Minne, except that Roland's (and Inger's, Wenche's, Line's and Øivind's) grandparents started them in Norway.

If you don't like the layout, you should have seen how it looked before we started using Drupal and later switched to Plone. After some love/hate relationship with Plone (I seriously love it, but is not so fond of Zope), I investigated a number of CMS systems and decided to go to Mezzanine, which is built on Django. Anyway, get used to it, as there is a very low probability that it will change again.

Who is the Buresund Family? In short, the descendents to the three brothers Buresund (Egil [1919-1995], Odd [1920-2002], Øivind [1925-1999]) and their sister Ada [1922-1952], from Tromsø, Norway:

  • Roland Buresund (son of Odd, with Anita Andersson)
    • Riitta Buresund (married to Roland)
    • David (Riitta's and Roland's son)
  • Anneli Martensen (daughter of Odd, with Ingeborg Albel)
  • Inger Buresund (daughter from Øivind's first marriage)
  • Line Holterman Juge (daughter from Øivind's second marriage)
    • Jean-Luc Juge (married to Line)
    • Jonathan (Jean-Luc's and Line's son)
    • Elisa (Jean-Luc's and Line's daugther)
  • Øivind Holterman (son from Øivind's second marriage)
  • Wenche Dørum (daugther of Egil)
  • Mona Buresund (related to Egil and Wenche?)
  • Raili Buresund-Ahlfors (Odd's widow)