Claudia Heimer

Updated at: May 21, 2007, 1:57 a.m.

Claudia Heimer is Business Director and a member of the management team of Ashridge Consulting where she has been interested in the cultural, strategic and IT implications of globalization.

Claudia first met ABB in the early 1990s when Robert Feller, ABB's Vice President for Corporate Management Development, participated in a seminar which the authors ran to share the outcomes of the research on international management competences and to create the authors' approach to developing global managers. Ever since, she has had occasional interactions with people att ABB based in places from Finland to India. She works with large group processes which involve hundreds of people interacting to create momentum and move a company forward. ABB participated in one of her assignments to bring the outside world into the room and show people what is possible. There was no better challenge than the reality of what other people had achieved! She has been struck ever since by ABB managers' generuos willingness to share their stories and take time out from their busy schedules to reflect on their experiences.

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