Well, after a lot of false starts with Plone 4, PyLucid, Django-CMS, Flask, MongoDB, Wagtail, etc., the dust finally settled on Mezzanine and Postgres as the new platform.

It is based on Django (which have good documentation), but unfortunately, Mezzanine itself stinks documentation-wise. But when you get your head around the concepts and starts reading the RDBMS tables (thanks DBeaver) it  starts to make sense. 

I have to admit it is the best extensive Python CMS out there, even if Wagtail probably could challenge it for that title (but Wagtail is so opiniated on certain subjects, that if you don't agree with the authors it is useless).

Anyway, I have now made all my ContentTypes in Mezzanine, imported the data (20K+ pages), made some 1 000 changes to the books and authors, got a commenting system working for the reviews (incl Akismet protection), and designed the content presentation. Now I just need to fix the theme and design a way to let members write reviews themselves, and we can then concentrate on memcached, supervisord, gunicorn and, etc, to ensure that we go live again in an orderly matter.

I am dropping the Monte Christo book, some old headhunting info as well as some pages from my wife and son (they are over 15 years old, so they didn't want them shown to the world ;-) ).

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