30 Minutes to Write a Business Plan

30 Minutes Series

Brian Finch

Publisher: Kogan Page, 1997, 64 pages

ISBN: 0-7494-2364-1

Keywords: Business Plan

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So you've got a business start-up idea. You're sure it's a winner — but how do you turn that idea into a reality?

In just 30 minutes this practical pocket book will show you how to:

  • get your facts and figures right
  • identify your market and competition and present the information professionally.

Expert advice and handy checklists ensure that you are on the right track — and one step closer to the business of your dreams!

  1. The Structure of the Plan
    1. Start with a Summary
    2. The Background
    3. Outline of the Business/Organisation
    4. The Market
    5. Trading Summary
    6. The Propposal
    7. Risks
    8. Public Documents
  2. The Internal Business Plan
    1. What is Different about Internal Plans?
    2. How to Use Plans to Help Run Businesses
    3. Why Business Plans Often Don't Work
    4. Setting Objectives
    5. The Corporation Vision: Soft Data and Hard Data
    6. Involving Staff: Building the Team
    7. Successful Communication
    8. Planning for People and Skills
    9. Producing and Using the Internal Plan
    10. Managing the Process
  3. The Mechanics of Writing the Plan
    1. Getting Ideas Together
    2. Make it Easy
    3. Facts → Numbers → Evidence
    4. Cash Now
    5. The Five-Year Forecast
    6. Why You Shouldn't Lie
    7. Don't Sell Your Story by the Kilogramme, Use Appendices
    8. Timing: Don't Leave it So Late!
    9. Presentation is Not All
    10. You Only Get One Chance
    11. Confidentiality
  4. Appendix: Business Plan Contents — A Checklist


30 Minutes to Write a Business Plan

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