Agile Engagement

How to Drive Lasting Results by Cultivating a Flexible, Responsive, and Collaborative Culture

Santiago Jaramillo, Todd Richardson

Publisher: Wiley, 2017, 256 pages

ISBN: 978-1-119-28691-2

Keywords: Culture, Human Resources

Last modified: June 23, 2021, 3:35 p.m.

Agile Engagement is the concrete strategy business leaders have been looking for to improve, sustain, and leverage employee engagement to gain a superior competitive edge in any industry of any size.

The engaged employees you want on your team need to be invested in your organization's culture in order to perform at their best. It is each organization's responsibility to develop a measureable strategy to achieve a compelling culture that drives employee engagement. Stop grasping at answers and turn to the forward-thinking approach proven at successful organizations all over the world.

This innovative application of agile principles — typically used to develop software — to an organization's human capital practices enables leadership to incrementally craft a corporate culture custom fit to any unique business and its employees. Whether you're building a startup or trying to revitalize an anemic corporate culture, this resource is all you need to:

  • Design and roll out a clear, compelling, vision through an engagement strategy
  • Heighten the engagement of every employee, including those working remotely and not otherwise working each day with co-workers or in front of computer screens
  • Develop a cadence of employee engagement measurement so that you can continuously improve your engagement strategy
  • Allow your organization's dynamic culture to shine throughout every level of your organization

This groundbreaking guide is not only a blueprint to next-level employee engagement, but it also opens the door to an entire community of organizations using these same strategies at their companies, and an accompanying website lets you access digital versions of tools in the book, see how others are applying the methodology, and contribute your own personal successes and best practices.

Agile Engagement is your solution to cultivating a workplace of enduring employee engagement that will drive business success.

  • Part I: The Engagement Engine
    1. Engagement and Culture Redefined
      (Or Why Culture Belongs in the Boardroom)
    2. Happiness Versus Engagement
      (Or, Why Free Snacks Fall Short)
    3. Common Misconceptions
      (Or, Why You Culture Isn't Just HR's Problem)
    4. Cross-Industry Engagement
      (Or, Why You Don't Have to Sell Software to Be Cool)
  • Part II: The Workplace of Now
    1. Workplaces without Borders
      (Or, Why the War for Talent Has Gone Global)
    2. Working Across Generations
      (Or. Why Variety is the Spice of Work)
    3. Free Agents on the Rise
      (Or. Why We're Finally Free to Be You and Me)
    4. Partnering with Purpose
      (Or, Why Partners Must Mesh with Your Culture)
    5. Trending Telework
      (Or, Why Coffee Shops Are the New Corner Offices)
    6. Culture-Friendly Policies
      (Or, Why Overlegislation Rarely Pays Off)
    7. Recruiting Revolution
      (Or, Why Hiring for Intangibles Makes a Tangible Difference)
    8. Technology Revolution
      (Or, Why Technology Turned the Tables on How We Work)
    9. Mobile Revolution
      (Or, Why It's Okay to Leave Early for Your Kid's Soccer Game)
    10. Resulting Changes
      (Or, Why Too Much of a Good Thing Is a Bad Thing)
    11. HR of the Past
      (Or, Why Manufacturing and Unions Forged HR)
    12. HR of the Future
      (Or, Why HR Is More Than Forms, Filing, and Firing))
  • Part III: The Engagement Canvas
    1. Engagement Canvas and Emplify Score Overview
    2. Why You Exists
      Engagement Canvas Box 1
    3. Key Strategies
      Engagement Canvas Box 2
    4. Key Metrics
      Engagement Canvas Box 3
    5. Engagement Exemplified
      Engagement Canvas Box 4
    6. Unique Organizational Characteristics
      Engagement Canvas Box 5
    7. Communication Channels
      Engagement Canvas Box 6
    8. Culture Statements
      Engagement Canvas Box 7
    9. Culture Aspirations
      Engagement Canvas Box 7
    10. Resources Applied
      Engagement Canvas Box 8
    11. Emplify Score
      Engagement Canvas Box 9
    12. Three Key Employee Needs
      Engagement Canvas Box 10
    13. Engagement Canvas FAQ
  • Part IV: The Practice of Engagement
    1. Speak with One Voice
      (Or, Why Conformity Is Good Sometimes)
    2. Brand What's Important
      (Or, Why Marketing Should Live in HR)
    3. Treat Employees Like Customers
      (Or, Why We're All Created Equal)
    4. Leverage Data
      (Or, Why There's No Shame in Nerdiness)
    5. Set a Communication Cadence
      (Or, Why Routine Is Anything but Routine)
    6. Allow for Autonomy
      (Or, Why We All Need Some Space)
    7. Make It Personal
      (Or, Why Nobody Leaves Their Personal Life at Home)
    8. Earn Trust
      (Or, Why Trust Is the Foundation of Everything Else)
    9. Excel Poor Culture Fits
      (Or, Why One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch)
    10. Communicate with Employees
      (Or, Why Mobile Apps Simplify Everything)