Beginning Django CMS

Build a first-class content management system from the ground up the easy way

Nigel George

Publisher: Apress, 2015, 175 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4842-1670-5

Keywords: Python, Web Programming, Content Management

Last modified: April 7, 2021, 3:15 p.m.

Build a world-class website in less than a week with Django CMS. Beginning Django CMS shows you how to simply and easily write a dynamic website with a full content management system in the backend. It is written for Internet developers who are sick and tired of dealing with complicated, bloated website frameworks that are a pain to build and a nightmare to maintain. Django CMS is an Open Source website building framework that is experiencing exponential growth because it is built on the simple, secure and scalable architecture of Django. This book takes you from knowing nothing about Django CMS, to building a functional website and content management system that you can deploy for your own website or for your customers.

What you'll learn

  1. How to build a dynamic website quickly and easily
  2. How to author and submit content for publication
  3. How to administer Django CMS
  4. How to install and use custom and third-party plugins
  5. How to deploy a website using Django CMS
  1. Working with a CMS
    • A Brief History
    • Content Management 101
      • Content Management Roles
    • Anatomy of a Modern CMS
    • What You Will Learn
    • Summary
  2. Installing django CMS
    • Installing Python
      • Check Whether Python Is Installed
      • Download and Install Python
    • Installing a Python Virtual Environment
    • Installing django CMS
    • Summary
  3. Introduction to django CMS
    • Design Philosophy
    • The Structure of django CMS
      • The django CMS Toolbar
      • The django CMS Side Pane
    • django CMS for Designers and Developers
    • Summary
  4. Site Templates
    • Django Templates 101
      • Inheritance
      • Separation of Logic and Presentation
      • Extensibility
    • Bootstrap
      • The Bootstrap Grid System
      • Bootstrap CSS Classes
      • Bootstrap Components
    • Tying it all Together
    • Summary
  5. Your Blog Website: Templates
    • Create a Clean Install
    • Create Your Base Template
    • Create Your Blog Templates
    • Summary
  6. django CMS Plugins
    • Getting Started
    • Default Plugins
      • Installing the Default Plugins
      • The Text Plugin
      • The Link Plugin
      • The Picture Plugin
      • The File Plugin
      • The Video Plugin
      • The Multi Columns Plugin
      • The Style Plugin
      • The Teaser Plugin
      • The Flash Plugin
      • The Google Map Plugin
      • The Create Alias Plugin
    • Summary
  7. Advanced Plugins
    • Easy Thumbnails
    • CMSplugin-filer
      • File Manager
      • The File Plugin
      • The Folder Plugin
      • The Image Plugin
      • The Link Plugin
      • The Teaser Plugin
      • The Video Plugin
    • djangocms-forms
      • Creating a Form
      • Adding Form Fields
      • Form Administration
    • Summary
  8. Authoring in django CMS
    • The django CMS Toolbar
      • Site Root (
      • Page
      • Add Page
      • Page Settings
      • Templates
      • Advances Settings
      • Permissions
      • Publishing Dates
      • Hide in Navigation
      • Publish/Unpublish Page
      • Delete Page
      • Save as Page Type
      • History
      • Toolbar Buttons
    • Adding Content to Your Site
    • django CMS Administration
      • Page Administration
      • User Management
      • Authorization and User Permissions
    • Summary
  9. Menus and Navigation
    • Customizing the Menu
      • Creating a Custom Menu
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Social Buttons
    • Sitemaps
    • Summary
  10. Extending django CMS
    • Extending the Page and Title Models
      • Create the Models
      • Register Models with Django Admin
      • Create the Toolbar Item
      • Add Category to Your Pages
    • Apps and Apphooks
      • Apphooks
    • Extending the Toolbar
    • Custom Plugins
    • Sidebar Navigation
      • Before You Start
      • Create the Plugin Publisher
      • Create the Plugin Template
      • Add Placeholder to Page Template
      • Add Configuration Options to Your Plugin
    • Summary
  11. Next Steps
    • Deployment
      • Deploy with Aldryn
      • Deploy on a Django Host
    • django CMS Advanced
      • The Menu System
      • Multiple Languages
      • Testing
    • Getting Help
      • django CMS Resources
      • Django Resources
      • Python Resources
    • Summary


Beginning django CMS

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Disappointing *** (3 out of 10)

Last modified: Aug. 3, 2023, 2:09 a.m.

A extremely shallow book, that doesn't even cover the basics or the fundamentals of the Django CMS. It is useless as a reference, as it doesn't contain very much.


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