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Publisher: A&C Black, 2006, 2015 pages

ISBN: 0-7136-7509-8

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Business is a practical one-stop resource to the world of work and careers, written by a team of world-class experts, for use by anyone at work.

Best Practice Essays

Top international business writers, including Clay Christensen, Marcus Buckingham, Paul Ormerod and Barbara Cassani, explain how to tackle the key problems and management tasks you face at work.

Management Checklists and Actionlists

Step-by-step guides to best results in hundreds of everyday business challenges. Each list reflects current thinking and best management practice.

Management Library

Practical lessons and tips from over 100 of the most influential business books ever written, from Sun Tzu to The Tipping Point.

Business Thinkers and Management Giants

Quick guides to the key thinking of the world's leading management gurus and managers.

Business Dictionary

Over 7,000 jargon-free definitions of difficult terms and concepts

Business Information Sources

Comprehensive, carefully selected business information, including publications, websites, and organisations on key management topics from Accounting to Working Abroad.

    • Introduction
      Daniel Goleman
    • User's Guide
  • Best Practice
    • People and Culture
      • Management in the 21st Century
        Tom Brown
      • Action Learning
        George Boulden
      • Making Recognition and Rewards a 'Whole-Person' Experience
        R. Brayton Bowen
      • Downsizing with Dignity
        Alan Downs
      • Managing Stress
        Cary Cooper and Susan Cartwright
      • Fringe Benefits
        John G. Fisher
      • Making Performance Appraisals a Win-win Experience
        Patrick Forsyth
      • Viewpoint: Fons Trompenaars
      • Boosting Business Success through Diversity
        Debbe Kennedy
      • Making the Workplace Flex, Not Break
        Ken Murrell
      • Finding and Keeping Top Talent
        Philip Sadler
      • Managing Today's Angry Workforce
        Florence Stone
      • Creating Fun in the Workplace
        Leslie A. Yerkes
      • Generation Veneration
        Ron Zemke
      • Viewpoint: Christopher Locke
      • SQ: Investing in Spiritual Capital
        Danah Zohar
      • Viewpoint: Christopher Bartlett
      • Tackling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
        Anne Covey and Michael Morris
      • Managing Intellectual Capital
        Leif Edvinsson
      • Making Cultures Behave
        Robert Heller
      • Culture Clashes
        Tim Hindle
      • China's Five Surprises
        Edward Tse
      • Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins; The Subjective Side of Business
        Annette Simmons
    • Marketing
      • Viewpoint: Philip Kotler
      • Managing 1:1 Marketing
        Drayton Bird
      • Relating to the Public
        Robert Leaf
      • On Writing as an Essential Skill
        John Simmons
      • How to Plan Marketing
        Malcolm McDonald
      • Marketing: The Importance of Being First
        Al Ries and Laura Ries
      • Viewpoint: Seth Godin
      • The Genius of Business
        Peter Fisk
      • Creating Powerful Brands
        Paul Stobart
      • Managing the Customer
        Merlin Stone
      • Viewpoint: Patty Seybold
      • Viewpoint: B. Joseph Pine II
      • Marketing in the Internet Age
        Regis McKenna
      • The Only Sustainable Edge
        John Hagel and John Seely Brown
      • On Value and Values: How a Blended Values Strategy Drives Sustainable Performance
        Douglas Smith
      • How to Get Lucky
        Donald N. Sull
    • Strategy and Competition
      • Viewpoint: Charles Handy
      • Strategy in Turbulent Times
        Costas Markides
      • Viewpoint: Paul Ormerod
      • The Second Coming of Service
        Karl Albrecht
      • Organic Growth versus Acquisition
        Peter Bebb
      • Why Mergers Fail and How to Prevent It
        Susan Cartwright
      • Infusing a Company with Cutting-edge Strategy
        Oren Harari
      • Maximising a New Strategic Alliance
        Peter Killing
      • Viewpoint: Jean-Claude Larréché
      • Outsourcing
        Ronan McIvor
      • The Supply Chain
        Peter Day
      • The Power of Identity
        Wally Olins
      • Switching Strategies
        Louis Patler
      • Power Struggling and Power Sharing
        Jonas Ridderstråle
      • Globalisation and Regional Business Strategy
        Alan Rugman
      • The New Frontiers in Old-economy Industries
        Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison
      • Corporate-level Strategy
        David R. Sadtler
      • Strategic Agility
        John Wells
      • Towards a Total Global Strategy
        George Yip
    • Finance
      • The Human Value of the Enterprise
        Andrew Mayo
      • Human Capital
        Edward E. Gordon
      • Return on Talent
        Subir Chowdhury
      • Competing on Costs
        Dinna Louise Dayao
      • Viewpoint: Stan Davis
      • Budgeting
        Jeremy Hope, Robin Fraser, Peter Bunce, and Franz Röösli, Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT)
      • Creating Value through People
        David Maister
      • How HR Adds Value
        Dave Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank
      • Viewpoint: Robert Hormats
      • Allocating Corporate Capital Fairly
        John Mariotti
      • Intrapreneurial Warriors versus Traditional Managers
        Gifford Pinchot
      • Managing 21st Century Finances
        Terry Carroll
      • Raising Capital
        Lauren Mills
      • Avoiding the Mistakes of the Past: Lessons from the Start-up World
        James E. Schrager
      • Why EVA Is the Best Measurement Tool for Creating Shareholder Value
        Erik Stern
      • Viewpoint: Peter Bernstein
      • Managing by the Open Book
        John Case
      • Viewpoint: John Seely Brown
      • Viewpoint: Paul Saffo
    • IT and Information Management
      • Enterprise Information Systems
        Thomas Davenport
      • Developing an Internet-era Mindset throughout the Organisation
        John Nirenberg
      • Integrating Real and Virtual Strategies
        David Stauffer
      • The Business Web
        Don Tapscott
      • Viewpoint: Jeffrey Rayport
      • Making B2B Your New Operational Standard
        Michael Cunningham
      • Marketspaces
        Jeffrey Rayport
      • Creating a Company Website That Delivers Real Value
        Gerry McGovern
      • Blogs and Business: What You Must Know
        Andy Wibbels
      • Viewpoint: Howard Rheingold
      • Intellectual Capital
        Thomas Stewart
    • Systems
      • Project Management
        Robert Buttrick
      • Virtual Collaboration
        Stewart Clegg, Antoine Hermens, and Salvador Porras
      • Integrating Technology into Business Processes
        Donryn Dewar and Melanie Ellis
      • Managing By Individual Objectives
        Richard Handscombe
      • The True Total Quality
        Masaaki Imai
      • The Good, the Fad, and the Ugly
        Lucy Kellaway
      • Designing Corporate Systems for Success
        Leslie Kossoff
      • Facilities Management
        Keith Alexander
      • Working from the Outside In
        Bill Jensen
      • Lean Manufacturing
        Daniel Jones
      • Getting All Your People Committed to Change and Transformation
        John Smythe
      • Managing the Challenge of E-service
        Chris Voss
    • Structure
      • The Critical Factors That Build or Break Teams
        Meredith Belbin
      • The Composed Organisation
        Robert Fritz
      • Retaining Employees
        Sharon Jordan-Evans and Beverly Kaye
      • Delivering and Delighting — A New Spirit at Work
        Richard Whiteley
      • Improving Company Performance with an Older Workforce
        Beverly Goldberg
      • Keeping Control in Nonhierarchical Organisations
        Karin Klenke
      • Managing in a 24/7 Organisation
        Thomas Koulopoulos
      • Self-managed Teams: How They Succeed or Fail
        Andrew Leigh and Michael Maynard
      • Workers without Borders: Creating Bonds When Workers Have No Loyalty
        Perry Pascarella
      • Converting Anonymity into Participation in a Membership Organisation
        Jane Galloway Seiling
      • Overcoming the Difficulties of Managing a Virtual Organisation
        Jim Underwood
      • Placing Bets in a World of Uncertainty
        W. Brian Arthur
      • Viewpoint: Francis Fukuyama
      • Re-organising the Firm Without Destroying It
        Colin Price
    • Leadership
      • Viewpoint: Warren Bennis
      • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
        Rick Lash
      • Viewpoint: Tom Brown
      • Who's Guiding Your Corporate Destiny?
        Don Blohowiak
      • Deciding Key Operational Questions
        Mark Brown
      • The One Thing You Need to Know
        Marcus Buckingham
      • Leadership
        Sir Peter de la Billigre
      • Viewpoint: Manfred Kets de Vries
      • Meaningful Leadership
        Kjell Nordström
      • Viewpoint: Richard Boyatzis, Annie McKee, and David Smith
      • Leading in Interesting Times
        Chris Turner
      • Viewpoint: Barbara Cassani
      • Walking on the Leading Edge without Falling off the Cliff
        Judith A. Neal
      • Viewpoint: Matthew Gwyther
      • New Role Models for Enlightened Leadership
        Charles R Day, Jr
      • Learning the Art and Practice of Adaptive Leadership Through Case-in-Point
        Sharon Daloz Parks
      • Viewpoint: Jim Collins
      • Transcending the Glass Ceiling
        Katherine Hammer
      • Viewpoint: Henry Mintzberg
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance
      • Corporate Social Responsibility: Are You Giving Back or Just Giving Away?
        Jim 'Gus' Gustafson
      • Corporate Responsibility: A Leadership Approach
        Giles Gibbons
      • CSR: More than PR, Pursnuing Competitive Advantage in the Long Run
        John Surdyk
      • Business Ethics
        Sue Newell
      • Viewpoint: Derrick Bell
      • Governing the Corporation
        Hugh Parker
      • Boardroom Roles
        Adrian Cadbury
    • Renewal and Growth
      • X-engineering Success
        James Champy
      • Environmental Management
        John Elkington
      • Change Management
        Klaus Doppler
      • Creating Strategic Excellence
        Mike Freedman
      • Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset
        Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian C. MacMillan
      • Viewpoint: Michael Hammer
      • Turnaround Strategies
        Sir John Harvey-Jones
      • Value Innovation
        Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne
      • Core versus Context: Managing Resources in a Downturn
        Geoffrey A. Moore
      • Snapping Managerial Inertia
        Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton
      • The Environment of the Future
        Bob Tyrrell
      • The Future of Money
        Bernard Lietaer
      • Competitor Analysis: From Data to Insight
        Liam Fahey
      • Now! — The Role of Urgency in Creating Positive Change
        John Reh
      • Scenario Planning
        Gill Ringland
      • The End of Growth: Why Does It Always End? What Can You Do About It?
        Robert M. Tomasko
      • Viewpoint: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
      • Creating Corporate Creativity
        Edward de Bono
      • Viewpoint: Michael Gerber
      • Viewpoint: Stewart Brand
      • Viewpoint: Margaret Wheatley
      • Managing New-product Portfolios
        Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett
      • Managing Dynamic Change
        Robert Heller
      • Trend Innovation Management
        Matthias Horx
      • Viewpoint: Eamonn Kelly
      • Viewpoint: Clayton Christensen
    • Productivity
      • Building Great Internal Partnerships
        Chip R. Bell
      • Raising the Bar: Setting Effective Targets
        Matthew Budman
      • New Yardsticks for Performance and Productivity in an E-world
        Peter S. Cohan
      • Using Management Consultants Effectively
        Steve Markwell
      • Making Loyalty Work
        John Frazer-Robinson
      • From Crisis Management to Crisis Leadership
        Ian Mitroff
      • Benchmarking
        Paul Spenley
      • Matching Pay to Achievement
        Peter Brown
      • Improving Corporate Profitability Through Accountability
        Marc J. Epstein and Priscilla S. Wisner
      • Organisational Learning and Performance
        Jerry Gilley and Ann Gilley
      • The Balanced Scorecard
        Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton
      • Setting Objectives for a Business
        Allan A. Kennedy
      • Viewpoint: Paul Hawken
      • Profiting From Prices
        Michael de Kare-Silver
      • Viewpoint: Jim Kouzes
    • Personal Effectiveness
      • Emotional Intelligence
        Cary Cherniss and Daniel Goleman
      • Preventing Your Work Problems from Causing You Stress
        David Allen
      • Avoiding Your Worst Career Nightmare
        Martha I. Finney
      • Brainstorming
        Jules Goddard
      • Urbane Renewal: Trusting Your Own Wisdom — A Competitive (and Satisfying) Advantage
        Cliff Hakim
      • Viewpoint: William Bridges
      • Taking Charge of Your Career
        Andrew Lambert
      • Mentoring
        Max Landsberg
      • Coaching
        Max Landsberg
      • Driving Fear from the Workplace
        Dick Richards
      • Managing Internal Politics
        Kathleen Kelley Reardon
      • Response Ability — How Managers Stay Up When Times Are Down
        Paul Stoltz
      • Choosing the Best Training Curriculum
        Daniel R. Tobin
      • Developing Exceptional Problem-solving Skills
        Christopher Hoenig
      • How NLP Can Contribute to Best Management Practice
        Joseph O'Connor
  • Management Checklists
    • People Management
      • Coaching for Better Performance
      • Mentoring in Practice
      • Conducting a Performance Appraisal
      • Preparing for Appraisal
      • Counselling Your Colleagues
      • Developing Passive People
      • Empowerment Emotional Intelligence (ET)
      • Handling Conflict Situations
      • Using 360-degree Feedback
      • Introducing Flexible Working into Your Organisation
      • Leading from the Middle
      • Managing Staff Turnover/Retention
      • Managing the Plateaued Performer
      • Motivating Your Staff in a Time of Change
      • Planning Overseas Assignments
      • Steps in Successful Team Building
      • Undertaking a Disciplinary Interview
      • Using Your Staff to Mutual Advantage
      • The Psychological Contract
      • Redundancy — Breaking the News
      • Working Out Redundancy Packages
    • HR and Training
      • Training Needs Analysis
      • Evaluating Training
      • Planning a Workshop
      • Planning Assessment and Development Centres
      • Planning the Recruitment Process
      • Preparing and Using Job Descriptions
      • Drawing Up a Contract of Employment
      • Implementing a Job Evaluation Scheme
      • Setting Up a Performance-Related Pay (PRP) Scheme
      • Introducing an Equal Opportunities Policy
      • Attracting and Retaining Women Returners
      • The Woman Returner — Getting Back To Work
      • Implementing a Diversity Management Programme
      • Investing in Your People
      • Personal Development Planning
      • Setting Up a Suggestion Scheme
      • Undertaking an Employee Attitude Survey
      • Setting Up Childcare Policies
      • Setting Up a Grievance Procedure
      • Setting Up a Disciplinary Procedure
      • Codes of Ethics
    • Marketing
      • Developing a Manufacturing Strategy
      • Developing a Strategy for World Class Business
      • Getting Close to the Customer
      • Moving the Virtual Organisation Forward
      • Performing a SWOT Analysis
      • Planning a Conference
      • Preparing a Marketing Plan
      • Producing a Corporate Mission
      • Public Relations Planning
      • Setting Up a Customer Care Programme
      • Setting Objectives
      • Strategic Partnering
      • Strategic Planning
      • Writing a Business Plan
    • Manufacturing and Operations
      • A Programme for Benchmarking
      • Deciding Whether to Outsource
      • Disaster Planning
      • Effective Purchasing
      • Establishing a Performance Measurement System
      • Health and Safety: Managing the Process
      • Health and Safety: Undertaking a Risk Assessment
      • Implementing a Service Level Agreement
      • Implementing an Effective Change Programme
      • Implementing Business Process Re-engineering
      • Implementing Kaizen
      • Total Quality: Getting TQM to Work
      • Total Quality: Mapping a TQM Strategy
      • Implementing the Balanced Scorecard
      • Managing Projects
      • Preparing for Business Abroad
      • Setting Up an Energy Management Scheme
      • Stock Control
      • Taking Action on the Environment
      • Using Management Consulting Services Effectively
    • Business Planning
      • Carrying Out an Information Audit
      • Brainstorming
      • Designing Questionnaires
      • Effective Business Writing
      • Effective Communications: Communicating with Groups
      • Internal Audit
      • Open Systems Thinking
      • Implementing Statistical Process Control (SPC)
      • Planning the Replacement of Software Systems
      • Six Sigma
      • Shareholder Value Analysis (SVA)
  • Actionlists
    • Getting the Best from Yourself
      • Managing Your Image: Make an Impact
      • Understanding Your Values
      • Developing Presence
      • Managing Perceptions
      • Building Your Self-confidence
      • Communicating Assertively in the Workplace
      • Getting Your Message Across
      • Preparing Presentations
      • Delivering Presentations
      • Presentations: Surviving Worst-case Scenarios
      • Using Slides and Visuals in Your Presentation
      • Fighting Back Against Nerves
      • Boosting Your Message With Your Body Language
      • Structuring and Writing Good Reports
      • Writing Great E-Mails
      • Managing Your Inbox
      • Dealing with Difficult E-Mail Situations
      • Integrating E-Mail with Other Forms of Communication
      • Maintaining a Healthy WorkLife Balance
      • Managing Your Time
      • Delegating without Guilt
      • Making Sound Decisions
      • Salving Problems
      • Negotiating with Confidence
      • Coping in Difficult Negotiations
      • Negotiating with People from Other Cultures
      • Coping with Information Overload
      • Managing Meetings Effectively
    • Getting the Best from Your Career
      • Finding Your Calling and Living Your Passion: The Dream Job
      • Choosing the Right First Job
      • Creating a Career Plan
      • Entering an Entirely New Field
      • Making the Decision to Take a Risky Career Move
      • Knowing When It's Time to Move On
      • Researching The Job Market
      • Networking and Marketing Yourself
      • Building a Fantastic Contact List
      • Getting the Most from Your Professional Career Adviser
      • Finding and Working with Search Organisations
      • Identifying Your Marketable Skills
      • Revitalising Your CV
      • Writing a Great Covering Letter
      • Making an Impact in Interviews
      • Handling Inappropriate Questions in an Interview
      • Answering Tricky Interview Questions
      • Preparing for Different Types of Interview
      • Understanding Psychometric Tests: A Survivor's Guide
      • Negotiating the Best Deal in Your New Job
      • Moving Sideways: Benefiting from a Lateral Move
      • Making Yourself Promotable
      • Getting the Pay Rise You Deserve
    • Career Change
      • Coping with Job Burnout
      • Considering Taking a Career Break
      • Managing Dual-Career Dilemmas
      • Returning to Work After a Career Break
      • Leaving with Style: Exiting with Dignity
      • Handling Resignations — The Employer's Perspective
      • Surviving Redundancy
      • Reinventing Yourself
      • Creating and Balancing the Portfolio Career
      • Freelancing: Setting Up As a Free Agent
      • Setting Up Your Home Office
      • Getting Used to Working from Home
      • Working As Part of a Virtual Team
      • Coping with a Nightmare Boss
    • Working with Others
      • Handling Office Politics
      • Dealing with Bullying or Harassment
      • Coping with Discrimination
      • Managing Addictive Behaviour in the Workplace
      • Turning Around a Poor Recruitment Decision
      • Transforming Poor Performance
      • Addressing Absenteeism
      • Tapping into Passion
      • Developing Your Creativity
      • Giving and Receiving Feedback Well
      • Managing a Volunteer Workforce
      • Understanding Non-verbal Behaviour
      • Managing Others' Creativity
      • Developing Your People
      • Succeeding As a New Manager
      • Managing Upwards: Making Your Boss Your Strongest Ally
      • Downshifting: Working Less and Enjoying It More
      • Preparing for Retirement with Dignity and Grace
    • Small Business
      • Assessing Your Entrepreneurial Profile: Do You Have What It Takes?
      • Deciding Whether to Start a Business
      • Profiling Your Target Market
      • Understanding Business Models
      • Evaluating an Existing Business
      • Financing a New Business
      • Preparing a Successful Business Plan
      • Franchising Your Business
      • Setting Up Your Franchise
      • Succession Planning
    • Projects
      • Understanding the Basics of Project Management
      • Building a Cross-functional Team
      • Working with a Project Sponsor and Stakeholders
      • Planning, Scheduling, and Budgeting During a Project
    • Marketing
      • Improving Communication with Resellers
      • Getting Better Results from Your Agency
      • Integrating Advertising with Other Campaigns
      • Planning an Advertising Campaign
      • Preparing an Advertising Brief
      • Measuring Advertising Performance
      • selecting and Working with an Advertising Agency
      • Setting Advertising Objectives
      • Building One-to-one Relationships
      • Building Partnership with Business Customers
      • Communicating Customer Service
      • Handling Customer Problems
      • Handling Customer Enquiries
      • Increasing Customer Lifetime Value
      • Running a Customer Loyalty Programme
      • Setting Up a Customer Interaction Centre
      • Building a Mailing List
      • Creating Impressive Direct Mail Material
      • Improving the Response to Direct Mail
      • Planning a Cost-effective Direct Marketing Campaign
      • Planning a Customer Event
      • Running a Networked Conference
      • Running a Salesforce Incentive Campaign
      • Designing a Response Mechanism
      • Generating More Leads
      • Converting Leads into Sales
      • Carrying Out Market Research
      • Profiling Your Competitors
      • Involving Customers in Product Or Service Development
      • Making Better Use of Customer Data
      • Profiling Decision-makers
      • Branding a Business Product
      • Raising Awareness of Your Brand
      • Creating Product Literature
      • Extending a Product with Service
      • Introducing a New Product to Market
      • Planning a Corporate Public Relations Campaign
      • Producing a Corporate Brochure
      • Producing Press Material
      • Running a Product Public Relations Campaign
      • Planning Promotions
      • Running a Price Campaign
      • Running Sales Meetings
      • Supporting Campaigns with Telemarketing
      • Dealing with Press Enquiries
      • Managing Retailer Marketing Programmes
      • Offering Customers Self-service
    • E-Business
      • Implementing E-commerce
      • Delivering Quality Online Customer Service and Support
      • Developing a Personalisation Strategy for a Website
      • Managing Payments Online
      • Setting Up a Basic Website
      • Designing a Website Effectively
      • Implementing Website Accessibility
      • Building a Website Team
      • Adding Multimedia to a Website
      • Managing a Website
      • Maintaining a Website
      • Dealing Effectively with Computer Viruses and Spyware
      • Implementing Effective Internet Security
      • Using the Internet to Create Content Collaboratively
      • Outsourcing Your IT and Website Operations
      • Hosting or Selecting a Hosting Company
      • Understanding the Key Principles of Content Management
      • Making Sure Content Is Professionally Created, Edited, and Published
      • Implementing an Effective Search Process for a Website
      • Developing Appropriate Metadata and Classification for a Website
      • Making a Website Easy to Navigate
      • Applying a Viral Marketing Approach on the Internet
      • Setting Up Newsletter and Website Subscription Processes
      • Writing Well for the Web
      • Understanding the Key Principles of Internet Marketing
      • Collecting Consumer Data on the Internet
      • Legal Issues in E-commerce
      • Delivering the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing on the Web
      • Getting the Best from Loyalty Programmes on the Web
      • Adding Value Through E-alliances
      • Generating Content and Building Loyalty Through Communities and Weblogs
      • Promoting Your Website Effectively
      • Using E-mail Marketing Effectively
      • Getting the Best from E-marketplaces
      • Setting Up an Extranet
      • Making the Most of an Intranet
      • Using Videoconferencing Effectively
      • Exploring Peer-to-peer (P2P) Commerce
      • Implementing Effective E-learning Within the Organisation
      • Establishing an Enterprise Portal
    • Finance
      • Calculating Annual Percentage Rate
      • Calculating Asset Turnover
      • Calculating Bond Yield
      • Calculating Book Value
      • Calculating Contribution Margin
      • Calculating Conversion Price
      • Calculating Conversion Ratio
      • Calculating Days Sales Outstanding
      • Calculating Debt-to-capital Ratio
      • Calculating Creditor and Debtor Days
      • Calculating Debt-to-equity Ratio
      • Calculating Efficiency and Operating Ratios
      • Calculating Payback Period
      • Calculating Elasticity
      • Calculating Expected Rate of Return
      • Calculating Future Value
      • Calculating Internal Rate of Return
      • Calculating Marginal Cost
      • Calculating Net Present Value
      • Calculating Rate of Return
      • Calculating Return on Sales
      • Calculating Return on Assets
      • Calculating Return on Investment
      • Calculating Return on Shareholders' Equity
      • Calculating the Alpha and Beta Values of a Security
      • Calculating the Future Value of an Annuity
      • Calculating Working Capital Productivity
      • Calculating Economic Value Added
      • Calculating Risk-adjusted Rate of Return
      • Calculating Exchange Rate Risk
      • Calculating Total Return
      • Calculating Price/Earnings Ratio
      • Calculating the Current Price of a Bond
      • Calculating Accounts Receivable Turnover
      • Calculating Asset Utilisation
      • Calculating a Capital Asset Pricing Model
      • Calculating Current Ratio
      • Calculating the Reserve Ratio
      • Calculating Capitalisation Ratios
      • Calculating Acid-test Ratio
      • Calculating Convertible Preference Shares
      • Creating a Balance Sheet
      • Creating a Profit and Loss Account (P&L)
      • Creating a Cash-flow Statement
      • Reading a Balance Sheet
      • Reading a Profit and Loss Account
      • Reading a Cash-flow Statement
      • Defining Assets
      • Calculating Cost of Goods Sold
      • Calculating Working Capital
      • Calculating Goodwill and Patents
      • Calculating Yield
      • Reading an Annual Report
      • Calculating Depreciation
      • Calculating Enterprise Value
      • Calculating Amortisation
      • Calculating Activity-based Costing
      • Calculating Price/Sales Ratio
      • Distinguishing between a Finance and an Operating Lease
      • Calculating Borrowing Costs and Capitalisation
      • Reading the Financial Pages
      • Calculating EBITDA
      • Calculating Dividend Cover
      • Calculating Interest Cover
      • Calculating Earnings per Share
  • Management Library
    • Action Learning
      Reg Revans
    • Administrative Behavior
      Herbert Simon
    • The Age of Discontinuity
      Peter Drucker
    • The Age of Unreason
      Charles Handy
    • All the Right Moves
      Constantinos Markides
    • The Art of Japanese Management
      Richard Pascale and Anthony Athos
    • The Art of War
      Sun Tzu
    • Barbarians at the Gate
      Bryan Burrough and John Helyar
    • A Behavioral Theory of the Firm
      Richard Cyert and James March
    • Blur
      Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer
    • The Book of the Five Rings
      Miyamoto Musashi
    • The Borderless World
      Kenichi Ohmae
    • Built to Last
      James Collins and Jerry Porras
    • A Business and Its Beliefs
      Thomas Watson Jr
    • Capital
      Karl Marx
    • The Change Masters
      Rosabeth Moss Kanter
    • The Changing Culture of a Factory
      Elliot Jaques
    • Competing for the Future
      Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad
    • The Competitive Advantage of Nations
      Michael Porter
    • Competitive Strategy
      Michael Porter
    • Complexity
      Mitchell Waldrop
    • Co-opetition
      Barry Nalebuff and Adam Brandenburger
    • Corporate Strategy
      Igor Ansoff
    • Corporate-level Strategy
      Michael Goold, Marcus Alexander, and Andrew Campbell
    • The Dilbert Principle
      Scott Adams
    • Dynamic Administration
      Mary Parker Follett
    • Emotional Intelligence
      Daniel Goleman
    • The E-Myth Revisited
      Michael Gerber
    • The Fifth Discipline
      Peter Senge
    • The Functions of the Executive
      Chester Barnard
    • General and Industrial Management
      Henri Fayol
    • The General Theory of Employment
      John Maynard Keynes
    • Getting Things Done
      David Allen
    • Getting to Yes
      Roger Fisher and William Ury
    • How to Win Friends and Influence People
      Dale Carnegie
    • The HP Way
      David Packard
    • The Human Problems of an Industrial Civilization
      Elton Mayo
    • The Human Side of Enterprise
      Douglas McGregor
    • In Search of Excellence
      Tom Peters and Robert Waterman
    • Innovation in Marketing
      Theodore Levitt
    • The Innovator's Dilemma
      Clayton Christensen
    • Intellectual Capital
      Thomas Stewart
    • Jack: Straight from the Gut
      Jack Welch
    • The Knowledge-creating Company
      Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi
    • Leaders: Strategies For Taking Charge
      Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus
    • Leadership
      James MacGregor Burns
    • Leadership
      Rudolph Giuliani
    • Leading Change
      John Kotter
    • Liar's Poker
      Michael Lewis
    • The Living Company: Habits for Survival in a Turbulent Business Environment
      Arie de Geus
    • The Machine That Changed the World
      James Womack, Daniel Jones, and Daniel Roos
    • Made in Japan
      Akio Morita
    • Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail
      R. Meredith Belbin
    • The Managerial Grid
      Robert Blake and Jane Mouton
    • Managing
      Harold Geneen
    • Managing Across Borders
      Christopher Bartlett and Sumantra Ghoshal
    • Managing on the Edge
      Richard Pascale
    • Managing Transitions
      William Bridges
    • Marketing Management
      Philip Kotler
    • Megatrends
      John Naisbitt
    • The Mind of the Strategist
      Kenichi Ohmae
    • Moments of Truth
      Jan Carlzon
    • Motivation and Personality
      Abraham Maslow
    • The Motivation to Work
      Frederick Herzberg, Bernard Mausner, and Barbara Bloch Snyderman
    • My Life and Work
      Henry Ford
    • My Years with General Motors
      Alfred Sloan
    • Natural Capitalism
      Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and Hunter Lovins
    • The Nature of Managerial Work
      Henry Mintzberg
    • The New Corporate Cultures
      Terrence Deal and Allan Kennedy
    • New Patterns of Management
      Rensis Likert
    • Now, Discover Your Strengths
      Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton
    • No Logo
      Naomi Klein
    • On Becoming a Leader
      Warren Bennis
    • On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures
      Charles Babbage
    • The One Minute Manager
      Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
    • Om War
      Karl von Clausewitz
    • Onward Industry
      James Mooney and Alan Reiley
    • The Organization Man
      William Whyte
    • Organizational Culture and Leadership
      Edgar Schein
    • Organizational Learning
      Chris Argyris and Donald Schön
    • Out of the Crisis
      W. Edwards Deming
    • Parkinson's Law
      C. Northcote Parkinson
    • The Peter Principle
      Laurence Peter
    • Planning for Quality
      Joseph M. Juran
    • The Practice of Management
      Peter Drucker
    • The Prince
      Niccolò Machiavelli
    • Principles of Political Economy
      David Ricardo
    • Principles of Political Economy
      John Stuart Mill
    • The Principles Of Scientific Management
      Frederick Winslow Taylor
    • Quest for Prosperity
      Konosuke Matsushita
    • Reengineering the Corporation
      James Champy and Michael Hammer
    • Relationship Marketing
      Regis McKenna
    • Riding the Waves of Culture
      Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner
    • The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning
      Henry Mintzberg
    • Small Is Beautiful
      E.F. Schumacher
    • Strategy Safari
      Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Alhstrand, and Joseph Lampel
    • Strategy and Structure
      Alfred Chandler
    • Du systeéme industriel
      Henri de Saint-Simon
    • Tableau économique
      François Quesnay
    • The Theory of Economic Development
      Joseph Schumpeter
    • The Theory of Social and Economic Organization
      Max Weber
    • Theory Z
      William Ouchi
    • The Third Wave
      Alvin Toffler
    • The Tipping Point
      Malcolm Gladwell and Kenneth Blanchard
    • Toyota Production System
      Taiichi Ohno
    • Up the Organization
      Robert Townsend
    • The Wealth of Nations
      Adam Smith
    • What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School
      Mark McCormack
    • The Will to Manage
      Marvin Bower
  • Business Thinkers
    • John Adair
    • Igor Ansoff
    • Chris Argyris
    • R. Meredith Belbin
    • Warren Bennis
    • Kenneth Blanchard
    • Dale Carnegie
    • Alfred Chandler
    • Stephen Covey
    • Philip Crosby
    • W. Edwards Deming
    • Peter Drucker
    • Henri Fayol
    • Mary Parker Follett
    • Henry Laurence Gantt
    • Ghoshal and Bartlett
    • Frank and Lillian Gilbreth
    • Daniel Goleman
    • Gary Hamel
    • Charles Handy
    • Fredorick Herzberg
    • Geert Hofstede
    • Joseph Juran
    • Rosabeth Moss Kanter
    • Kaplan and Norton
    • Theodore Levitt
    • Kurt Lewin
    • Niccolò Machiavelli
    • Abraham Maslow
    • Elton Mayo
    • Douglas McGregor
    • Henry Mintzberg
    • Ikujiro Nonaka
    • Kenichi Ohmae
    • Taiichi Ohno
    • Robert Owen
    • Richard Tanner Pascale
    • Tom Peters
    • Michael Porter
    • C.K. Prahalad
    • Reg Revans
    • Edgar Schein
    • Peter Senge
    • Adam Smith
    • Sun Tzu
    • Genichi Taguchi
    • Frederick Winslow Taylor
    • Alvin Toffler
    • Victor Vroom
    • Max Weber
  • Management Giants
    • John Jacob Astor
    • Jeffrey Bezos
    • Warren Buffett
    • Andrew Carnegie
    • Stephen Case
    • Michael Dell
    • Walter Elias Disney
    • George Eastman
    • Thomas Alva Edison
    • Henry Ford
    • Bill Gates
    • Harold Geneen
    • King Camp Gillette
    • Andrew Grove
    • William Randolph Hearst
    • Milton Snavely Hershey
    • Soichiro Honda
    • Howard Robard Hughes Jr
    • Lee Iacocca
    • Steve Jobs
    • Ingvar Kamprad
    • Herb Kelleher
    • Ray Kroc
    • Estée Lauder
    • Henry Robinson Luce
    • Konosuke Matsushita
    • Louis Mayer
    • Cyrus Hall McCormick
    • Akio Morita
    • J.P. Morgan
    • Rupert Murdoch
    • David Ogilvy
    • David Packard
    • John Patterson
    • Arthur Rock
    • John Rockefeller
    • Anita Roddick
    • Julius Rosenwald
    • David Sarnoff
    • Alfred Sloan Jr
    • Martha Stewart
    • Eiji Toyoda
    • Robert Edward Turner III
    • Theodore Newton Vail
    • Cornelius Vanderbilt
    • Samuel Walton
    • Thomas Watson Sr
    • Jack Welch
    • Oprah Winfrey
    • Robert Winship Woodruff
    • Frank Winfield Woolworth
  • Dictionary
  • Business Information Sources
    • Accounting
    • Acquisitions, Takeovers, and Mergers
    • Advertising
    • Analytical Techniques and Statistics
    • Auditing and Management Audit
    • Bankruptcy and Business Failure
    • Benchmarking
    • Budgeting
    • Business Appraisal and Performance Measurement
    • Business Ethics and Codes of Practice
    • Business Plans and Planning
    • Business Process Reengineering
    • Change Management
    • Coaching, Counselling, and Mentoring
    • Competences
    • Competition
    • Computers, Information Technology, and E-commerce
    • Conditions of Employment
    • Conferences and Exhibitions
    • Consulting Services/Management Consultants
    • Contingency, Crisis, Disaster Management
    • Contracts and Contracting
    • Corporate Culture
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Creating a CV
    • Customer Relations/Customer Service
    • Decision-making and Problem-solving
    • Direct Marketing
    • Diversity
    • Education Management
    • Employee Benefits/Compensation
    • Employee Participation in Management
    • Employee Relations
    • Employment Law
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Environmental Management
    • Equal Opportunities
    • Exporting
    • Facilities Management
    • Finding Out What You Are Worth: Remuneration/Salaries
    • Flexible Working/Teleworking/Homeworking
    • Forecasting and Scenario Planning
    • Franchising
    • Online Business Newspapers (General Business Information)
    • Online Financial Information (General Business Information)
    • Online Human Resources Sources (General Business Information)
    • Online Sources for Marketing (General Business Information)
    • Health and Safety
    • Health Services Management
    • Importing
    • Information Management
    • Innovation and Creativity
    • Intellectual Property
    • Interfirm Co-operation, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures
    • Internal Communication
    • International Management, Cross Cultural Management
    • Interpersonal Communication/Relations
    • ISO 9000
    • Japanese Management Techniques
    • Job Hunting
    • Knowledge Management
    • Leadership
    • Learning Organisation
    • Logistics and Distribution
    • Maintenance
    • Management Buyouts
    • Management Development
    • Management Education: Executive Training
    • Management Education: MBAs
    • Management Styles
    • Management Theorists
    • Manufacturing Systems
    • Market Research and Competitor Intelligence
    • Marketing Management
    • Meetings
    • Mission Statements
    • Motivation
    • Negotiation
    • New Product Development
    • Non-profit Organisations
    • Organisation and Organisation Structure
    • Outsourcing
    • Packaging
    • Performance Appraisal
    • Personnel Management and HR Management
    • Physical Working Conditions/Ergonomics
    • Planning for Retirement
    • Planning Your Career
    • Presentation/Speaking
    • Pricing
    • Process Control and Statistical Process Control
    • Product and Brand Management
    • Project Management
    • Psychological Tests
    • Public Relations
    • Public Sector Management
    • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
    • Quality and Total Quality Management
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Relocation
    • Remuneration
    • Research and Development (R&D) Management
    • Risk Management
    • Selling and Salesmanship
    • Small and Growing Businesses
    • Social Responsibility of Management
    • Stress and Stress Management
    • Taxation
    • Teams and Team Building
    • Top Ten International Business and Management Websites
    • Top Ten UK Business and Management Websites
    • Top Ten US Business and Management Websites
    • Top Ten Business Search Engines/Aggregators
    • Top Twenty Business Magazines
    • Training and Development
    • Training Methods
    • Venture Capital
    • Working Abroad



Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excellent ********** (10 out of 10)

Last modified: May 29, 2024, 7:33 a.m.

An excellent book got better in a new edition!

You only need one book: this one. If you buy it, you'll understand why there is so many editors.

It is written on bible-thin paper, and may, rightfully, be called the bible of business.

You can't read this book, only use it as a reference and a source of ideas.

I am in awe…


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