DevOps for the Modern Enterprise

Winning Practices to Transform Legacy IT Organizations

Mirco Hering

Publisher: IT Revolution Press, 2018, 253 pages

ISBN: 978-1-942788-19-5

Keywords: DevOps

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In the face of modernizing legacy IT infrastructure, many organizations are facing an uphill battle. Mirco Hering, a thought leader in managing IT within legacy organizations, has the solution.

In DevOps for the Modern Enterprise, Hering lays out a roadmap for IT managers, showing you how to create the right ecosystem, how to empower people to bring their best to work every day, and how to put the right technology in the driver's seat to propel your organization to success.

But just having the right methods and tools will not magically transform your organization; the cultural change that is the hardest is also the most impactful. Using principles from Agile, Lean, and DevOps, Hering provides practical execises and real-life examples from the enterprise world to help your organization (small or large, old or new) navigate the challenges ahead and successfully transform into a modern IT department.

    • Introduction: How We Got Here
  1. Creating the Right Ecosystem
    1. The Roadmap to Transformation
    2. Accepting the Multispeed Reality (for Now)
    3. Dealing with Software Packages and Software Vendors
    4. Finding the Right Partner
  2. The People and Organisational Dimension
    1. Context is King
    2. Structuring Yourself for Success
    3. From Testers to Quality Engineers
    4. Managing People, Not Resources
  3. Technology and Architecture Aspects
    1. Different Delivery Models
    2. Application Architecture and Microservices
    3. Running Applications and Your DevOps Tools Efficiently
    4. The Cloud
  • Conclusion: Being a Knowledge Worker
  • Appendix: A Closer Look at the Factory Analogy