Document Formatting and Typesetting on the UNIX System, Volume II

grap, mv, ms and troff

Narain Gehani, Steven Lally

Publisher: Silicon Press, 1988, 304 pages

ISBN: 0-9615336-3-3

Keywords: Programming

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This book is a sequel to DOCUMENT FORMATTING & TYPESETTING ON THE UNIX SYSTEM by Gehani. The authors assume that the reader is familiar with the material in the first book, e.g., basic formatting concepts, and UNIX system formatting and typesetting tools such as TBL, PIC and EQN. Gehani and Lally discuss in detail UNIX tools that were either not discussed or were discussed briefly in the first book. The book contains chapters that discuss in detail tools for specifying graphs (GRAP)), viewgraphs (MV), document format (MS) and the formatters (TROFF/BROFF). It also contains MS templates for a variety of documents (such as books).

  1. Specifying Graphs
    1. An Example of a grap Specification
    2. Format of a Graph Specification
    3. Basics
    4. Frame
    5. Graph Data
    6. Multiple Graphs
    7. Printing Strings and other Objects in a Graph
    8. Control Instruction
    9. Macros
    10. Including and reading Data from Files
    11. Graph Size
    12. How to be a Graphic Liar
    13. Interface with mm/ms, pic, tbl, eqn and troff
    14. Checking for Errors: grap
    15. Executing UNIX Commands
    16. Examples
    17. Final Comments
    18. Exercises
  2. Specifying Viewgraphs and Slides
    1. Example of Foils
    2. Foil Specification Format
    3. Foil-Start Instructions
    4. Default Parameters
    5. Titles and Centered Lines
    6. Specifying Lists
    7. Point Size and Line Length
    8. Font Changes
    9. Miscellaneous
    10. Useful troff Instructions
    11. Hints for Making and Managing Foils
    12. Interaction with Other Doc. Prep. Facilities
    13. Using mv
    14. Notes
    15. Exercises
  3. Specifying the Document Format with ms
    1. An Example of Document Formatting
    2. Basics
    3. Variables
    4. Fonts
    5. Point Size
    6. Vertical Spacing
    7. Document Structure
    8. Document Definitions, Style and Appearance Parameters
    9. Document Prelude
    10. Document Body
    11. Document Postlude
    12. Page Headers and Footers
    13. Multi-Column Format
    14. Miscellaneous Instructions
    15. AT&T UNIX (8th Ed.) ms Extensions
    16. troff Instructions and Macros
    17. ms and Other Document Preparation Tools
    18. Using ms
    19. A Final Example
    20. Exercises
  4. Typesetting Documents with troff
    1. An Example of a troff Specification
    2. Simple Typesetting Instructions
    3. Specifying Sizes and Distances
    4. Specifying Fonts
    5. Specifying Point Size
    6. Specifying Vertical Spacing
    7. Filling and Adjusting of Text
    8. Line and Page Breaks
    9. Spaces, Tabs and Leaders
    10. Automatic Hyphenation
    11. Summary of Page Characteristics Instr.
    12. Formatting Titles and Strings
    13. Local Motions
    14. Manipulating Files
    15. String Variables
    16. Numeric Variables
    17. Arithmetic Expressions
    18. Input Interpretation
    19. Macros
    20. Conditional Statements
    21. Diversions
    22. Traps
    23. Environments
    24. Character Manipulation Features
    25. Two-dimensional Graphics
    26. The UNIX Programming Environment
    27. Special Characters
    28. Predefined Numeric Variables
    29. Miscellaneous
    30. Examples
    31. Exercises
  5. Example ms Document Templates
    1. Letters
    2. Papers
    3. Books
    4. Exercise
  1. Document Formatting Commands and Macros
    1. grap (Preprocessor for Drawing Graphs)
    2. ms (Page-Layout Macros)
    3. mvt (Format Viewgraphs and Slides)
    4. nroff (Format Text)
    5. troff (Format Text)


Document Formatting and Typesetting on the UNIX System, Volume II

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Very Good ******** (8 out of 10)

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The sequel text regarding troff and friends. Excellent books.


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