Information Security Architecture

An Integrated Approach to Security in the Organization

Jan Killmeyer Tudor

Publisher: Auerbach, 2000

ISBN: 0-8493-9988-2

Keywords: IT Security, Information Security

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Information Security Architecture

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 3:06 a.m.

This is a book that has a hard time trying to decide whether to be about information security, security organizations, security technology, policies, risk assessments, etc. Of course, that is life for anyone in the security field, but reading about life in the security field, without it being acknowledged as such, doesn't help the practitioner (as s/he already knows most of these facts) or the students/beginner (as s/he doesn't understand the finer points unless explicitly written on their noses).

There is nothing wrong with the contents, but it falls a bit short of being the integrated approach that the author claims it to be.

You can safely skip it.


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