Information Security

Policies and Procedures

Thomas R. Peltier

Publisher: Auerbach, 1998, 265 pages

ISBN: 0-8493-9996-3

Keywords: Information Security

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A Practioner's Reference.

  • Part 1: Information Security Policies and Procedures
    1. Why Policies, Standards, and Procedures Are Needed
    2. Why Manage This Process as a Project?
    3. Planning and Preparation
    4. Developing Policies
    5. Information Classification
    6. Developing an Electronic Communications Policy
    7. Typical Organization Policies
    8. Writing Procedures
    9. Creating a Table of Contents
    10. Establishing a Critique Process
    11. Selling the Policies and Procedures
    12. References
  • Part 2: Information Security Reference Guide
    1. Introduction to Information Security
    2. Fundamentals of Information Security
    3. Employee Responsibilities
    4. Information Classification
    5. Information Handling
    6. Tools of Information Security
    7. Information Processing
    8. Information Security Program Administration
    9. Baseline Organization Information Security Program
    10. Appendix
  • Part 3: Index


Information Security

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Disappointing *** (3 out of 10)

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Not a bad book, but leaves a lot to desire. There are some examples in the end of the book that justifies the title, nothing more.


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