Integrated Performance Management

A Guide to Strategy Implementation

Kurt Verweire, Lutgart Van den Berghe

Publisher: Sage, 2004, 334 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4129-0155-0

Keywords: Performance Measurement

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Linking various disciplines and management functions, Integrated Performance Management provides the reader with a concrete framework to manage organizations successfully. Verweire and Van den Berghe do not isolate a single strategy to manage performance. Instead, the book focuses on a range of strategies and allows the reader an introduction to each one.

The concepts under analysis were developed through intense dialogue with business managers. While maintaining academic rigour, Integrated Performance Management presents ideas that students will find relevant outside of the classroom.

Postgraduate and MBA students in a range of areas including Strategy, Accounting, Finance, Operations Management, Marketing, Leadership and Human Resource Management will find this book useful. Integrated Performance Management might also appeal to business managers since the frameworks presented in the book have practical relevance.

    1. Integrated Performance Management: New Hype or New Paradigm?
      Kurt Verweire and Lutgart Van den Berghe
  • Part I — An Overview of Traditional Performance Management Frameworks
    • Introduction Part I
    1. Performance from a Finance Perspective: Shareholder Value and Beyond
      Kurt Verweire, Xavier Baeten, Lieven Somers and Lutgart Van den Berghe
    2. Performance Management from a Control Perspective: Introducing the Balanced Scorecard
      Werner Bruggeman
    3. Performance at the Operational Level: Quality- and Time-Based Competition
      Paul Gemmel
    4. Managing Risk, Managing Value
      Kurt Verweire and Lutgart Van den Berghe
  • Part II — The Integrated Performance Management Framework: Constituent Elements
    • Introduction Part II
    1. Performance Goals and the Strategy Formation Process
      Kurt Verweire and Lutgart Van den Berghe
    2. Obtaining Better Performance through Business Process Orientation
      Paul Gemmel and Ann Vereecke
    3. Strategy Information Systems Alignment
      Dirk Deschoolmeester and Olivier Braet
    4. Integrated Performance Management through Effective Management Control
      Werner Bruggeman
    5. Organizing for Performance
      Marc Buelens
    6. Human Resource Management and Integrated Performance Management: A Mutual Relationship?
      Dirk Buyens, Ann De Vos and Bart Malfliet
    7. The Informal Organization: Leading for Performance
      Mark Buelens
    8. Strategic Rewards and Reward Strategies
      Xavier Baeten
    9. Change, Learning and Performance: Three of a Kind?
      Herman Van den Broeck and Steven Mestdagh
    10. Towards a More Integrated Approach to Strategic Alignment
      Kurt Verweire
  • Part III — Adding a New Dimension to Integrated Performance Management: Introducing the Concept of Maturity Alignment
    • Introduction Part III
    1. Introducing Maturity Alignment: Basic Concepts
      Philip De Cnudde, Bernard Hindryckx, Mario Bauwens, Bernard Carrette and Kurt Verweire
    2. Finding the Optimal Maturity Level and Linking it to Performance
      Bernard Hindryckx, Philip De Cnudde, Mario Bauwens, Bernard Carrette and Kurt Verweire


Integrated Performance Management

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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be forewarned: this book has a very Dutch-centric outlook. With that said, it isn't bad, but nothing to write home about either. In fact, it is a collection of articles on performance management by (mostly) Dutch academics.

If you want a snapshot of the Dutch academic view on performance management, go ahead and read it, as the articles ain't that bad. But otherwise, I see little reason to spend a few hours on this book.


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