The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace

Ricardo Semler

Publisher: Arrow, 1994, 321 pages

ISBN: 0-09-932941-7

Keywords: Biography

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The international bestseller that tells how Semler tore up the rule books — and defied inflation running at up to 900% per year!

  • Workers make the decisions previously made by their bosses
  • Managerial staff set their own salaries and bonuses
  • Everyone has access to the company books
  • No formality — a minimum of meetings, memos, approvals
  • Internal walls torn down
  • Shopfloor workers set their own productivity targets and schedules
  • Result — Semco is one of Latim America's fastest-growing companies, acknowledged to be the best in Brazil to work for, and with a waiting list of thousands of applicants hoping to join it.
  1. Natural Business
  2. Fit For Duty
  3. Dr Dickie
  4. False Start
  5. The Go-Go Years
  6. Keeping Our Balance
  7. Another Conquest
  8. Symptoms Of Trouble
  9. Coming About
  10. By The People
  11. One Change Leads To Another
  12. The Trouble With Rules
  13. When The Bananas Ate The Monkeys
  14. Too Big For Our Own Good
  15. Divide And Prosper
  16. The Inmates Take Over The Asylum
  17. Sharing The Wealth
  18. Miles Of Files
  19. Affirmative Actions
  20. Trading Places
  21. Minding Our Own Business
  22. Hiring And Firing The Boss
  23. More Than A Job
  24. Rounding The Pyramid
  25. Name Your Price
  26. The Public Awaits
  27. Swelled Heads
  28. Zero Tolerance
  29. Thinking For A Living
  30. Rise And Shine
  31. Collapse
  32. Launching Pad
  33. Rebirth
  34. Who Needs A No. 1?
  35. Will It Travel?
  36. Modern Times
  1. Seen From Below: How Semco Employees Evaluate Their Supervisors
  2. Time Management
  3. A Semco Lexicon
  4. The Survival Manual



Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Bad ** (2 out of 10)

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Airy-fairy is the best description of this cult book. I always wonder when they will go into bankruptcy, but I'm probably a negative thinker?


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