Production/Operations Management 5th Ed.

Quality, Performance, and Value

James R. Evans

Publisher: West, 1993, 942 pages

ISBN: 0-314-06247-5

Keywords: Operations, Performance Measurement

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This text provides a balanced introduction to production operations management, combining managerial issues with technical tools and quantitative applications, and emphasizing practical applications in actual organizations throughout the text. This edition emphasizes quality, international issues, competitiveness, and service organizations. The author, an examiner for the Baldrige National Quality Award, integrates core concepts underlying award criteria throughout the text. New chapters address the scope of performance measurement in operations as well as fundamental issues of quality control and process improvement. Other new or expanded material on quality and manufacturing in strategic planning, quality function deployment, teamwork, push and pull distribution systems, and constraint management aims to assure complete, timely coverage. Quantitative chapters now include a section of solved problems for better understanding of techniques. Flexible organization allows instructors to either focus on broad managerial issues of POM or emphasize quantitative techniques and management-science applications.

  • Part I: Foundations of P/OM
    1. Introductionm to Production and Operations Management
    2. Managing for Quality and High Performance
    3. P/OM and Strategic Planning
    4. Measuring Operations Performance
    5. Work Design and Human Resource Management
  • Part II: Strategic Issues in Operations
    1. Product Design and Development
    2. Forecasting and Capacity Planning
    3. Facility Location and Distribution System Design
  • Part III: Designing and Managing Production Processes
    1. Process Technology and Design
    2. Facility Layout and Workplace Design
    3. Process Management
    4. Statistical Quality Control
  • Part IV: Managing Materials
    1. Materials and Inventory Management
    2. Decision Models for Inventory Management
    3. Lean Production and Synchronous Manufacturing
  • Part V: Planning and Scheduling
    1. Aggregate Production Planning and Master Scheduling
    2. Material Requirements Planning
    3. Operations Scheduling and Production-Activity Control
    4. Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control
  • Supplemental Chapters
    1. Computer Simulation
    2. Decision Analysis
    3. Waiting-Line Models
    4. Linear Programming
    5. The Transportation Problem


Production/Operations Management

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Decent ****** (6 out of 10)

Last modified: Jan. 22, 2014, 2:47 p.m.

A hard introduction to operational issues. A bit hard to find the right level to read it on.

But it is pretty decent, and the author seems to know his stuff, but it is hard reading and it assumes you understand some of the overall topics beforehand (like having taken at least the first courses of an MBA).


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