The Internet Connection

System Connectivity and Configuration

John S. Quarterman, Smoot Carl-Mitchell

Publisher: Addison-Wesley, 1994, 271 pages

ISBN: 0-201-54237-4

Keywords: Networks, System Administration

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How do I connect to the Internet? What equipment do I need? What software do I need? How do I configure it? What forms need to be filled out? Where do I send the check? Where do I find this information?

The Internet Connection: System Connectivity and Configuration is the reference guide that will explain how to become a part of a community where global communication, resource discovery, and resource sharing are brought to your desktop through the Internet. This book serves as the central source of information about the Internet from technology questions to administrative questions.

Access to the Internet, the global network of networks, is becoming a must for business today. Expanding at an exponential rate, and promising to be the foundation for future "information superhighways", the Internet is changing the way individuals and corporations communicate. This book presents the first clear, concise reference for system designers and system administrators, as well as individuals trying to gain access to the Internet.

  • Gives step-by-step instruction on connection to the Internet for system designers, system administrators, and their managers
  • Offers assistance in setting up naming, mail, and news systems
  • Explains the use of common Internet services such as archie, WAIS, and Gopher
  1. Internet Services
    1. Uses of the Internet
    2. Growth of the Internet
    3. Communications
    4. Resource Sharing
    5. Resource Discovery
    6. Naming
    7. Classes of Service
  2. The Internet and Other Networks
    1. The ARPANET
    2. Internet Protocols
    3. Internet History
    4. The Internet and the Matrix
    5. The Internet Now
  3. Types of Internet Access
    1. Overview of Access Types
    2. Overview of Internet Protocols
    3. Mail Networks
    4. Conferencing Systems
    5. Public Internet Hosts
    6. Packaged Dialup Software and Services
    7. Dialup IP Connections
    8. Direct Connections
    9. Connectivity Providers
    10. Acceptable Use Policies
    11. Checklist
  4. Registering Domain Names and IP Numbers
    1. What, Where, and How to Register
    2. Anonymous FTP
    3. The InterNIC
    4. Mail Document Servers
  5. Setting Up IP
    1. Connectivity Options
    2. Packet Routing
    3. Dedicated Connectivity
    4. Dialup Connectivity
  6. Setting Up the Domain Name System
    1. DNS Basics
    2. Zone Databases
    3. Nameserver Cache
    4. Bootstrap File
    5. Typical Internet Server Arrangement
    6. SOA Record Parameters
    7. Complete Examples of DNS Database Files
    8. Hints and Tidbits
    9. Checking It Out
  7. Setting Up Internet Electronic Mail
    1. Mail Architecture
    2. Mail Envelopes and Contents
    3. Internet Mail Addresses
    4. Internet Mail and DNS MX Records
    5. Example Mail System
    6. The Post Office Protocol
    7. MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
    8. Mail User Agents
    9. Checking It Out
  8. Setting Up USENET News
    1. Overview of USENET News
    2. News Software
    3. News Feeds and News Costs
    4. INN: InterNet News
    5. Outgoing News (nntplink)
    6. A News User Agent (trn)
    7. News Administration
    8. Checking It Out
  9. Security Issues
    1. Air Gapping
    2. Passwords
    3. Hiding Information
    4. Dangerous Services
    5. Kerberos
    6. CERT
    7. Host Connection Protection: tcpd
    8. Packet Filtering
  10. Setting Up Resource Discovery Services
    1. Finding People
    2. Finding Files
    3. Finding Documents
    4. Front Ends
    5. Checking It Out
  1. Internet Provides
    1. Internet Connectivity Providers
    2. Other
  2. Registration Templates
    1. Domain Registration
    2. IP Network Number Registration
    3. IP Number to Domain Regístration
  3. Software and Other Information
    1. Archie
    2. Software Access List
  4. Further reading


The Internet Connection

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Mediocre **** (4 out of 10)

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A very early book about the Internet. Disregard today.


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