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At long last, after five years studying distance courses and having meetings all over Europe (Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, Den Haag, Paris, Manchester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Winchester, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Geneva, and a number of strange towns in the UK which I no longer remember the names of) and after having written numerous assignements and been sitting too many exams, I get my award!!!! Happiness is the three letters MBA!! And the added bonus of a lot of frequent flyer miles. A quick estimate, shows that I spent about €50.000 on travel, €20.000 on lodgings, €15.000 on books and other materials and approx. €25.000 in fees, which gives a grand total of €110.000 plus some additional expenses (let us assume another €10.000). This means that different employers spent €120.000 to ensure that I would get my MBA (all done via contractual obligations). Now when I am finished, I think it was worth every penny (but it wasn’t always so). The next project right now is to get other non-MBA Swedes to understand what the difference is between a BSc in Economics and an MBA (which Sweden of course doesn't recognise, regardless of AMBA and EQUIS status, as we don’t have any MBA awards here). Sigh, I've got work to do.

Official Exam photo

The proud exam photo (don’t you love academic dress? Those with good eye-sight will notice the Linux penguins on the tie.)

Family at exam

From left to right: My mother Anita, my Sister Annika (Nikko), Me and my Wife Riitta (which stood by me while I studied, even if she could get pissed from time to time. Hell, she even forced me to take a one year sabbatical, just because we had a child …).

Headmistress handshake

The traditional handshake and congratulation from the Headmistress (this sounds naughty… better not tell Riitta. Ah shit, she’s in the audience!)

Waiting for the exam

Some of my colleges and myself just before the event.

The Graduates itself from the The Year of 2002

Croydon Graduation — 28th September

  • Lincoln Abbots
  • Margaret Alston
  • Rita Anderson
  • David Andrews
  • John Ashcroft
  • Howard Bailey
  • Robert Baker
  • Dieter Barnard
  • Deborah Bates
  • Jane Bell
  • Bharatendu Bhatt
  • Rosemary Bird
  • Rachel Blackamore
  • Simon Blackburn
  • John Blagden
  • Bortier Bortey
  • Martin Bradford
  • Stephanie Brehcist
  • Thomas Brennan
  • Johanna Briant
  • Eleanor Bridge
  • Christopher Brown
  • James Brown
  • Stephen Brown
  • Woodrow Bryan
  • Roland Buresund
  • Michael Bursell
  • Tariq Butt
  • Joan Callaghan
  • Lottie Caramba-Coker
  • Clive Carey
  • Lynette Carr
  • Sarah Carroll
  • Stephen Catchpole
  • Kevin Challis
  • Jill Chan
  • Caroline Chant
  • Victoria Charles
  • Paul Charlton
  • Jonathan Clegg
  • Natia Coghlan
  • Ian Corless
  • Richard Cornish
  • Russell Corrie
  • Stuart Colgrove
  • aul Cousins
  • Christopher Cowlard
  • Vanessa Crane
  • Stuart Cross
  • Gary Cumbers
  • Michael Currie
  • Xiulan Dai
  • Harish Davda
  • Marie Davis
  • Valerie Davis
  • Anne de Florinier
  • Chitra de Silva
  • John Deacon
  • Michael Drage
  • Lia Duarte Jenkinson
  • Nicholas Duffy
  • Alexandre Dumas
  • Steve Dunn
  • Nikolas Duvnjak
  • Mavis Edwards
  • Sean Elliott
  • Franc Etu-Menson
  • William Evans
  • Claire Farmer
  • Steven Farmer
  • Ingrid Ferguson
  • Gillian Findler
  • Peter Flaschner
  • Alison Fletcher
  • Andrew Flint
  • Andrew Forgan
  • Alan Fowler
  • Brenda Fraser
  • Keith Frenchum
  • John Frieslaar
  • Jane Gadenne
  • Wendy Gallivan
  • Ian Gapper
  • Andrew Gibbs
  • Caroline Glass
  • Deborah Glynn
  • Alan Gravett
  • Jonathan Green
  • Breid Greene
  • Zoe Grosscurth
  • Nader Haghighat
  • Constance Hall
  • Kenneth Hardacre
  • Stefan Harra
  • Peter Harris
  • Jan Hellings
  • Kelly Hennessy
  • Stephen Hodge
  • Richard Hoff
  • Sarah Holdstock
  • David Hope
  • Ronald Hope
  • Paul Hopkins
  • Clare Imms
  • Sham Jain
  • David Jarvis
  • Cheryl Jegede
  • Steve Jessop
  • Valerie Jessup
  • Karen Joel
  • Brendan Johns
  • Fiona Johnston
  • Andree Keddle
  • Anthony Keddle
  • Teresa Kelleher
  • Cindy Kemp
  • Richard Kilvington
  • Madeline King
  • Mark Knight
  • Prasun Kumar
  • Glen Laxton
  • Bridget Le Huray
  • Cara Leck
  • Trevor Leck
  • Angela Lethern-Palmer
  • Shirley Lewald-Jezierska
  • Yul San Liu
  • Paul Lockhart
  • Yvonne Lovering
  • Margaret Lowing
  • Jacqueline Lucas
  • Martin MacPherson
  • Rinda Magrath
  • Elizabeth Maher
  • Lee Maher
  • Patrick Mallan
  • Valerie Mann
  • Rebecca Martin
  • Deborah Mbabazi
  • Claire McLoughlin
  • Ann Metcalf
  • Terence Metcalfe
  • Stanley Miller
  • Caroline Mitchell
  • Jonathan Mobbs
  • Gary Morris
  • Julie Morris
  • Pauline Msesengwe
  • Peter Murdoch
  • Edward Musial
  • Shwe Myint
  • John Nath
  • Andrew Neal
  • Robert Neesam
  • Alastair Ness
  • David Newman
  • Peter Newson
  • Laurence Nicoll
  • Marie O'Dea
  • Peter Oke
  • Aderemi Okeshola
  • Neil Oldham
  • Christopher Ollive
  • Jo O'Reilly
  • Lesley Owen
  • Trevor Owen
  • Esther Oyetan
  • Devendra Patel
  • Sylvie Patel
  • Christopher Pearson
  • Jacqueline Pearson
  • Madeleine Philpott
  • Kim Plummer
  • James Pool
  • John Potter
  • Anthony Potts
  • Bevan Powell
  • Rozmina Premji
  • Leszek Puscczynski
  • Hannu Pyysalo
  • Paul Ralton
  • Carl revell
  • Eugennie Richardson
  • William Roberts
  • Seamus Rooney
  • Jennifer Rudman
  • Colin Russell
  • Fiona Rutherford
  • John Sanders
  • Jennifer Saville
  • Victoria Semark
  • Debbie Shaw
  • Michelle Shirley
  • Daniel Short
  • Derek Smith
  • Pamela Smith
  • Hansa Solanki
  • Patricia Squires
  • Barbara Stanley
  • Chatherine Stevenag
  • Peter Stevens
  • Kevin Stirk
  • Sylvia Stirling
  • Peter Stone
  • Clive Thomas
  • Nicole Tilling
  • Bruce Tompson
  • Josephine Tuck
  • Paul Vandenberghe
  • Michael Vasanthakumar
  • Martin Veitch
  • Konstantinos Venos
  • Sanjana Vijapura
  • Timothy Wakeman
  • Timothy Wand
  • Geoffrey Ward
  • Ian Ward
  • Richard Warrington
  • Julian Watts
  • Mary Watts
  • Jonathan Wayne
  • Linda Webb
  • Gillian Webley
  • David Wellman
  • Robert Whiting
  • Michael Wibberley
  • Timothy Wilson
  • Evan Winter
  • Rita Woditsch-Ogle
  • Simon Wood
  • Jacqueline Woodland
  • Stuart Wright
  • Patrick Wynne
  • Graham Yoxall
  • Imed Zabaar
  • Atif Zia


OK, I am now officially over-qualified for all jobs that I look at alternatively too old with too little experience after the MBA award, as Swedes either don’t understand what an MBA is or is in too much awe of it. Sigh. According to the Lissabon Convention and the Bologna Agreement (which Sweden has signed according to Högskoleverket), the signatories agrees to recognise each others university awards. Of course, I still needed to apply for a recognition, which I did in September of 2003 and was awarded in February 2004 by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education! Also, by enrolling in the association of Civilekonomerna, I'll gain the right to call myself a Swedish Civilekonom (granted, I could do it anyway, as the title isn't protected in Sweden, but it is more fun to have some proof of right).

Höverkets erkännande

As of 7 January 2004, the association of Civilekonomerna decided that my MBA is equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor degree in Economics! I am now officially a Swedish Civilekonom, even though I have to apply again for a Diploma… Sigh!



And then I got my Civilekonom diploma as well, extremely hassle-free, from the Association of Economists. Thank you!


Some words that describes the MBA

The University of Warwick

The MBA is a globally recognised qualification in the management field. It offers new perspectives to managers by providing an understanding of the major functions and challenges of business. Participants are attracted to the MBA for a number of different reasons. An MBA allows you to expand your knowledge and understanding of business. This might be as a vehicle for career progression or career change. MBA participants typically have worked for between four and ten years after graduation, although some have up to thirty years professional experience.

The Telegraph, 14 February 2004

What do you get from an MBA? Most people take the qualification to improve their career prospects and earning potential. And the evidence suggests that the MBA delivers on both fronts. The qualification provides senior managers who already have experience in business with an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge and gives them a basic grounding across all aspects of business. … The Association of MBAs is widely recognised as the global standard for the qualification and has accredited only 83 Business Schools worldwide. If you are thinking of studying in the States you should check whether your choice of school is accredited by the US body: the AACSB.

AMBA Certified Distance Learning MBA’s February 2004

First off, there exists other bodies than AMBA, but none is universially accepted as them (except of course the AACSB) and is of dubious utility. Please observe also that the EQUIS rating is a Educational Quality mark, given by the European Comission and does not guarantee the contents of an MBA. Also, please understand that an M.Sc. in Accounting or Economics or Business is not the equivalent to an MBA (see this page for more clarifications) and that AMBA certifies specific programmes, while AACSB certifies whole schools.

School Programme Country Comment
Aberdeen Business School Online / Distance Learning MBA United Kingdom
Aston Business School Distance Learning MBA United Kingdom Also AACSB. You have to live in the UK.
Bradford University School of Management e-MBA United Kingdom
Brunel Graduate Business School Brunel University The Brunel MBA – Distance Learning United Kingdom Excluding Marketing and Sports Management
Durham Business School Distance Learning MBA United Kingdom
Haarlem Business School Kingston MBA Netherlands
Henley Management College Distance Learning MBA (e-Learning) United Kingdom Also AACSB
Henley Management College Distance Learning MBA (Project Management) United Kingdom Also AACSB
Institute of Financial Management (Manchester Business School/University of Wales, Bangor) Distance Learning MBA (Financial Management) United Kingdom Also AACSB
Institute of Financial Management (Manchester Business School/University of Wales, Bangor) Distance Learning MBA (Engineering Business Managers) United Kingdom Also AACSB
Institute of Financial Management (Manchester Business School/University of Wales, Bangor) Distance Learning MBA MBA Wealth Management United Kingdom Also AACSB
Kingston Business School Open Learning MBA United Kingdom
Leicester University Management Centre Distance Learning MBA United Kingdom
Open University Business School Distance Learning MBA United Kingdom Also AACSB. My old Alma Mater
Business School Oxford Brookes University OIIF/ACCA Online MBA United Kingdom
Royal Military College of Science Cranfield University Flexible MDA United Kingdom Also AACSB
Royal Military College of Science Cranfield University MSc Defence Management Flexible United Kingdom Also AACSB
Graduate School of Business The University of Strathclyde MBA in Leadership Studies United Kingdom Also AACSB
Graduate School of Business The University of Strathclyde Flexible Learning MBA United Kingdom Also AACSB
Warwick Business School Distance Learning MBA United Kingdom Also AACSB