If you want to read what I think about a number of books that I've read, you can make a smart decision and check out the subject oriented pages. If you detect some book that I should have read, but I haven't, you have two alternatives:

    • Send me an e-mail and tell me the title and author of the book and add some words why you think I should read it. I may buy it and comment on it, but I reserve the right to totally ignore it as well.
    • Buy the book and send it to me. I'll will guarantee that I'll read it and comment on it. I can't guarantee that you will be happy with the comments, of course.

I am slowly expanding the comments and information found (the last project was adding data about the authors, the next will probably be adding TOC's of all books, but that will take some time. Also, I need to read the new books as well).

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