The difference between a great programmer and a person who thinks him-/herself a great programmer:

Both persons thinks up a "brilliant" algorithm and spends 2 months on getting it to work properly. After two months, some progress has been made, but it still is not working as intended...

Person A throws it in the bin and exclaims that it is trash, and starts trying to invent another algorithm.

Person B spends the next 4 months on getting it to working order, and nearly succeeds, except some minor flaws.

Who is the "Great" programmer?

In my view, it is person A, who understands that when it looks like shit, smells like shit and needs too much polishing, it is shit. To be able to abandon your own ideas is the hallmark of a great programmer.

As for person B, polishing it during a long time, may make it shiny, but it is still shit and will in time degrade and loose its shinyness, and be replaced by the new and improved Shit V2!

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