After being extremely frustrated with trying to follow instructions and get tinyMCE working with the Django-CMS (equivalent to Plone's kupu-integration), I decided to call it quits for now. Maybe Django-CMS is the best thing since sliced bread, but if I can't get something basic like this to work, then it has to mature a bit more.

So I went in search after another Python-based CMS and found PyLucid. Simple installation, with its own Django and tinyMCE integrated from start! A bit confusing to jump around the different admin screens to get something done, but it worked (ugly like hell, in default styles) and had some templates and a plugin architecture. Unfortunately, the plugin-architecture that looked good on paper was sadly undocumented, there was some confusion about what were Django functionality and what was PyLucid functionality (reminded me of Zope/Plone, but without documentation). Also, nothing that could even come close to compare with the Plone contenttypes and archetypes were present, so after some days of experimenting and searching for external plugins, I decided to let PyLucid be for the moment and continue searching for yet-another-CMS (Java and PHP based stuff is out, as I programmed in these abonimations of languages, and after Python, it is hard to go backwards in the evolutionary chain :-))

So why am I looking for another CMS, when I have Plone (and have previously ditched Drupal)? Because Plone itself works like a charm, gives me and my visitors a reasonable user experience (for the most part). But the performance of Archetype-based types when editing is abysmal (I'm talking 120 secs to load a page, another 100 secs to save). And most of that are happening somewhere deep down in Zope, that I can't even track with profiling, as it happens before the profiling starts (all profiled functions goes fast). And the standard solution to cache, is not working (all pages are made on the fly, some 10,000 of them) and I have a memory problem, as Zope decides to cache everything in ZODB to memory (making my process go to 200MB within minutes of restarting).

Enough complaining. I consider moving to Plone 3 (and pray that works), re-generate my Archetypes-based content-types with ArchGenXML (if that would help). But having some 10.000+ pages and a lot of references between them (and some dependencies on Archetypes addons), it feels like a daunting task to migrate (especially as I can't run two Plones in parallel, due to memory restrictions). Time will tell.

Oh, and what do I want from a CMS? JS-based editing, Lucene-like search, TTW-administration (both CMS and User-content based, even if I could skip the CMS-part if something good shows itself), extensible plugin-system, CSS and XHTML-compatibility, lots of JS functionality (as I like the Web 2.0 concepts). And this is only for starters :-)

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