Executive EQ

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations

Ayman Sawaf, Robert K. Cooper

Publisher: Penguin, 1996, 327 pages

ISBN: 0-399-52404-5

Keywords: Human Resources, Type Theory

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The idea of Emotional Intelligence is sweeping across the country, and this is the book that tells you how to put it into action in business. We all know there is more to success than IQ, or raw brain power. Executives with a strong EQ, or emotional Quotient, as well as a strong IQ, are the ones who makes the best decisions, the most dynamic businesses, and the most satisfying and successful lives. Drawing on groundbreaking research, Robert Cooper lays down the four cornerstones of emotional intelligence — a working model he developed in association with Ayman Sawaf, executive and chairman of the Foundation for Education in Emotional Literacy. Included in this book is the EQ Map™, the first extensively researched, nationally norm-tested, statistically reliable measure of Emotional Intelligence. With the commitment to more effectivew business, Executive EQ offers a wealth of practical application techniqques and memorable stories to bring new life and opportunity to the workplace.

    • The Value of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations
    • Prologue
    • Introduction: The Unconventional Wisdom of Emotional Intelligence
  • The First Cornerstone: Emotional Literacy
    1. Emotional Honesty
    2. Emotional Energy
    3. Emotional Feedback
    4. Practical Intuition
  • The Second Cornerstone: Emotional Fitness
    1. Authentic Presence
    2. Trust Radius
    3. Constructive Discontent
    4. Resilience and Renewal
  • The Third Cornerstone: Emotional Depth
    1. Unique Potential and Purpose
    2. Commitment
    3. Applied Integrity
    4. Influence Without Authority
  • Ther Fourth Cornerstone: Emotional Alchemy
    1. Intuitive Flow
    2. Reflecting Time-Shifting
    3. Opportunity Sensing
    4. Creating the Future
    • The EQ Map
    • Permission
    • Acknowledgements
    • Suggested Books for Further Reading


Executive EQ

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Disappointing *** (3 out of 10)

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If you believe in EQ, sure, but it is very boring. The EQ-map is one of the appendices.


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