Geography 2nd Ed.

International Enterprise

The Open University

Publisher: The Open University, 2001, 65 pages

ISBN: 0-7492-7678-9

Keywords: International Enterprise, MBA

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Open University Business School MBA B890 International Enterprise

  1. Introduction
    • Background to the unit
    • Aims and objectives
    • Overview of the unit
  2. The Geography of International Enterprise
    • 1.1 The Growth of Foreign Direct Investment
    • 1.2 Geographical Origins and Destinations of Foreign Direct Investment
      • Geographical Origins of FDI: The Old and the New
      • Geographical Destinations of FDI: Increasing Interpenetration
    • 1.3 Home Country Influence: The National Characteristics of International Enterprise
    • 1.4 Conclusion
  3. The Geographical Organization and Reorganization of International Enterprise
    • 2.1 The Production (Value) Chain
    • 2.2 The Influence of Technology on the Geography of Production Chains
    • 2.3 The Strategic Orientation of the International Firm
    • 2.4 The Political Environment
    • 2.5 The Internal Geography of the International Firm
      • Corporate and Regional Headquarters
      • Research and Development Facilities
      • Production Units
        • Globally Concentrated Production
        • Host Market Production
        • Product Specialization for a Global or Regional Market
        • Transnational Vertical Integration of Production
      • Services
    • 2.6 The External Geography of the International Firm
      • The Geographical Dimension of Subcontracting
      • The Changing Relationship Between Customers and Suppliers
    • 2.7 Synthesis of Organizational and Geographical Relationships
    • 2.8 Conclusion
  4. The Geographical Dynamics of Population and Human Resources
    • 3.1 The ‘Numbers Game’: The Dynamics of Population Change
      • The Explosive Growth of World Population
      • Processes of Population Growth
      • ‘Young’ Populations and ‘Old’ Populations
      • ‘Mobile’ Populations: The Dynamics of International Migration
    • 3.2 The Implications of Population Dynamics for Product and Labour Markets
      • Population Influences on Consumer Markets
      • Population Influences on Labour Markets
      • The Important Link Between People as Consumers and People as Workers
    • 3.3 Conclusion



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