Making Connections

The Capable Manager — Book 15

The Open University

Publisher: The Open University, 1995, 60 pages

ISBN: 0-7492-4925-0

Keywords: MBA

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If you're new to management, or you need to develop your managerial abilities and understanding, the Professional Certificate in Management is for you. It provides a broad-based, practical introduction to the key ideas, techniques and overall competencies you need in order to manage effectively and productively in modern organisations in any part of the world.

The emphasis is on your own professional development. Everything you study is related to the management roles and responsibilities you exercise in the various functional areas of your company or organisation.

All the elements of the programme — study texts, activities and assignments, online resources, and personal and group support — ensure that you can immediately apply newly learned skills, knowledge and techniques in very practical ways. You can build on your experience and make direct links to your management development needs wherever you are in the world, whatever the size of your organisation and whether it is in the commercial, public or voluntary sector.

  • Session 1 Looking back to ‘Managing People’
    • Introduction
    • 1.1 The Relevance of Culture
    • 1.2 People as Customers
    • 1.3 Resolving the Problem
    • 1.4 Soft and Hard Problems
    • 1.5 A Personal Review
    • Summary and objectives
  • Session 2 People and Operations
    • Introduction
    • 2.1 Inputs, Transformations and Outputs
    • 2.2 Organizational and Component Operations
    • 2.3 Operations and People — Some First Connections
    • 2.4 Strategic Options
    • 2.5 Personal Product Lifecycles
    • 2.6 High Trust and Low Trust Relationships
    • Summary and objectives
  • Session 3 Managing Data and Managing Information
    • Introduction
    • 3.1 Managing the Flow of Information
      • Transforming data into information
      • The facts do not speak for themselves
      • Discovering the lessons
    • 3.2 Data, Information, Values and Decisions
      • A final note about probability
    • Summary and objectives
  • Session 4 All-round Managing
    • Introduction
    • 4.1 Getting Started
      • Spanning the categories of management activities
      • The Fayol manager
    • 4.2 Operational Flying
      • Sustaining the operation
      • Processing the data
      • The operational and the strategic
      • The all-round manager
    • Summary and objectives
  • Session 5 Students Talking About the Examination
    • Introduction
    • 5.1 Preparing for Your Examination
    • 5.2 Assessing an Examination Answer
    • Summary and objectives
  • Session 6 Looking Back, Looking Ahead
    • Introduction
    • 6.1 Looking Back
    • 6.2 Looking Ahead
    • Summary and objectives


Making Connections

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