Readings 1

Creativity, Innovation and Change

The Open University

Publisher: The Open University, 2000, 60 pages

ISBN: SUP44314-7

Keywords: Type Theory, Creativity, MBA

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Open University Business School MBA B822 Creativity, Innovation and Change

  • Part 1 Creativity
    • How to Kill Creativity,
      T. M. Amabile
    • Informal Networks: The Company Behind The Chart,
      D. Krackhardt and J. R. Hanson
  • Part 2 Cognition
    • Why Intelligence Increases When You Think Less,
      G. Claxton
    • Ten Ideas Designed to Rile Everyone Who Cares About Management,
      H. Mintzberg
    • The Theory Behind The Practice,
      G. Morgan
    • The Citizen Company,
      C. Handy
  • Part 3 Style
    • The 'Big Five' versus the Myers-Briggs,
      R. Bayne
  • Part 4 Development
    • Empowerment: The Emperor's New Clothes,
      C. Argyris


Readings 1

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Decent ****** (6 out of 10)

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MBA material, what do you expect?


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