Readings 3 and 4

Creativity, Innovation and Change

The Open University

Publisher: The Open University, 2000, 232 pages

ISBN: SUP45837-0

Keywords: Change Management, Creativity, MBA

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Open University Business School MBA B822 Creativity, Innovation and Change

  • Readings 3
    • Part 1 Innovation
      • Section 1 Innovation Life Cycle
        • A manual of strategies for discovering, R.S. Root-Bernstein
        • Towards the fifth-generation innovation process, R. Rothwell
      • Section 2 Scanning
        • Practice "Creative Swiping", T. Peters
        • The wrong kind of chaos? The early days of an NHS Trust, S. Harrison, N. Small and M. Baker
      • Section 3 Structure
        • The human side of management, W. Hewlett
      • Section 4 Systems
        • America's most successful export to Japan: continuous improvement programmes, D. M. Schroeder and A. G. Robinson
        • From lean production to lean enterprise, J. P. Womack and D. T. Jones
        • Japanese-style partnerships: giving companies a competitive edge, J. H. Dyer and W. G. Ouchi
        • The way forward — partnership sourcing, K. L. Lewis and S. Lytton
        • ABB and Ford: creating value through co-operation, S. C. Frey, Jr. and M. M. Schlosser
        • Building a visionary company, J. C. Collins and J. I. Porras
        • Implementing the new product development process, J. Bessant and D. Francis
      • Section 5 Success Factors
        • Restoring people to the heart of the organization of the future, R. Moss Kanter
        • Why the last shall be the first and the first shall fade away, J. Kay
        • Building the innovative organization, J. Tidd, J. Bessant, K. Pavitt
        • Small business growth and owners' motivation, C. Gray
    • Part 2 Climate
      • Section 1 Entrepreneurship
        • William Gates III, E. Zuckerman
        • On Margaret Thatcher's downfall, A. Raphael
      • Section 2 Climate
        • Trust and the virtual organization, C. Handy
        • Managing change in the Employment Service, M. E. G. Fogden
        • Strategy and culture in practice, T. J. Watson
        • Managing culture: fact or fiction?, K. Legge
        • Competitive advantage through people, J. Pfeffer
    • Part 3 Transforming Organizations
      • Section 1 Quality
        • In search of TQM, S. Hill and H. Wilkinson
        • Bridging the total quality/continuous improvement gap at Lucas car diesel systems, R. Harding
      • Section 2 Reengineering
        • Reengineering work: don't automate, obliterate, M. Hammer
        • Reengineering: business change of mythic proportions?, T. Davenport and D. Stoddard
      • Section 3 Knowledge Management
        • The knowledge-creating company, I. Nonaka
      • Section 4 Empowerment
        • Empowerment or else, R. Frey
        • The empowerment of service workers: what, why, how, and when, D. E. Bowen and E. E. Lawler III
      • Section 5 The Learning Organization
        • Building a learning organization, D. A. Garvin
        • Rebuilding behavioural context: turn reengineering into people rejuvenation, C. A. Bartlett and S. Ghoshal
  • Readings 4
    • Trust, F. Fukuyama
    • The Chinese family business enterprise, M. Weidenbaum
    • Privatisation policy and performance, P. Cook and C. Kirkpatrick
    • Institution building: Examining the fit between bureaucracies and indigenous systems, T. Nicholson
    • Indigenous management and the management of indigenous knowledge, D. Marsden


Readings 3 and 4

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