Worked Case Study Book 3rd Ed.

Seminar Programme Guide

The Open University

Publisher: The Open University, 1999, 175 pages

ISBN: SUP442580

Keywords: MBA

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Open University Business School MBA B820 Strategy

  1. The role of case studies in B820 Strategy
    1. Where are case studies used in B820 Strategy?
    2. Skills developed by case analysis
    3. Problems in case learning
    4. What is the purpose of the worked case books?
  2. Analysing case studies
    1. Questions or analysis?
    2. Cases without instructions: general framework for analysis
    3. Case analysis for assignments
  3. Group discussions of case studies
    1. Group skills
    2. Types of case discussion
    3. Guidelines for case discussion
  4. SATRA Footwear Technology Centre Worked Case
    1. SATRA Footwear Technology Centre: Case Study
    2. SATRA Footwear Technology Centre: Worked Case Answer
  5. Electrolux and the Acquisition of Zanussi Worked Case
    1. Note on the major appliance industry in 1988
    2. Electrolux and the acquisition of Zanussi: Case Study
  6. Airbus Industrie and the Civil Aircraft Industry Worked Case
    1. Airbus Industrie in September 1996
    2. The history of Airbus
    3. The competitors
    4. The civil aircraft manufacturing industry
    5. Challenges and choices: to superjumbo or not?
    6. Challenges and choices: restructuring Airbus
  7. The Worked Case Study
    1. Question 1: Should Airbus build the A3XX?
    2. Question 2: What are the important strategic issues which underpin Airbus's decision to become a limited company and restructure its activities?
  8. Afterword
    1. The McDonnell Douglas and Boeing merger
    2. Boeing abandons the stretched jumbo
    3. Conclusion
  • Introduction
    • The seminars
    • Your responsibility in the seminars
    • The seminar programme
  • Case Study 1 'Robin Hood'
  • Case Study 2 'Electrolux and the acquisition of Zanussi'
  • Case Study 3 'Canon: Competing on capabilities'
  • Case Study 4 'New York Police Department'
  • Case Study 5 'Automatic data processing: the EFS decision'
  • Examination preparation
    • Your approach to the examination: before the examination
    • Your approach to the examination: in the examination


Worked Case Study Book

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

Last modified: Jan. 25, 2014, 3:26 p.m.

MBA material, what do you expect?

Probably of no use to anyone that wasn't participating in the course.


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