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Differences Between Programmers

The difference between a great programmer and a person who thinks him-/herself a great programmer:

Playing with PyLucid and Bitching About Plone

After being extremely frustrated with trying to follow instructions and get tinyMCE working with the Django-CMS (equivalent to Plone's kupu-integration), I decided to call it quits for now. Maybe Django-CMS is the best thing since sliced bread, but if I can't get something basic like this to work, then it has to mature a bit more.

Experimenting with Django-CMS...

... and understanding why I like Plone so much (even if I sometimes find it inexplicable). Install Zope, install Plone, add a plone site in zope and voila, you have a working site, including a number of advanced types and JavaScript integration and editing. And all this without even having to edit a number of config-files and understand why the examples doesn't work or hacking the HTTP-server to death or struggling to understand why you need something for development and something else for production.

Non-affordable Customers...

For a service-company, like an un-named Outsourcing company, it is, in my opinion, paramount that the service-company and the customer stops treating each other as supplier-customer, and instead goes into partnership with each other. If the "customer" decides that the "supplier" must be challenged all the time and pressed for a better price, it makes the customer very unattractive and forces the supplier to abandon the customer (it may earn the customer a few dollars/euros in the short run, but will be detrimental in the long run).

Too Funny to Miss!

Let's start with a warning: you need to be a serious programmer to appreciate this humour, but if you are, you'll risk splitting a vein laughing....